To get the body of your dreams often the main obstacle a person faces is the money problem. This is due to the surgeries being very expensive which makes a person reconsider the decision. The Enfield Royal Clinic is here to help people with this problem. Financing is now no longer an excuse to delay the medical treatment or the aesthetic procedure required by the individual. Read to learn all about the financing offers and benefits provided by the clinic.

Financing plan

The Clinic now offers installment plans for patients who are unable to bear the expenses of surgery all at a time. The interest rates offered on the installments are as low as zero percent. This is to help the individuals who cannot afford the cost of the treatment(s). The candidate is just required to swipe the card and in a few hours, they can get the surgery or the procedure they desire. The installment plan is easy and bearable for individuals.

Who is eligible?

Any individual who is unable to pay the whole amount at the time of the surgery or treatment can apply for the loan. These people can then pay the amount in easy monthly installments that are bearable for the individual. They can also get the treatment right away due to this.  

However, to be eligible for the loan, the individual needs to be the holder of a credit card from the Emirates national bank of Dubai. The main requirement is for the bank to consent to the plan after which the person can apply for the loan.

How to get the loan?

No lengthy documentation is needed to apply for the loan. The individual just needs consent from their bank for the loan and needs to have their credit card. The individual can then apply for the installment plan of several months according to their capacity. They can pay the amount in 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months in installments without any interest on their credit card. In case there is any change in the bank’s policy the customer is informed.

Emirates National Bank of Dubai

According to the National Bank of Dubai, the candidate can apply for the loan if the surgery exceeds the cost of AED 10,000. There are other policies of the bank that the customer is informed about when applying for the loan.

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