Best AFT Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

This treatment is specially formed for women who are interested in increasing their breast size but want to do it without implants. This enhances the breast shape and appearance with the additional benefit of using natural fat for augmentation. This is a popular method for the increment of a woman’s chest part. The AFT Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain gives results that are completely perfect & the enhancement of the breast is similar to the other augmentation processes.

What is AFT Breast Augmentation?

When the fat from one part of the body is transferred to the breast area to make it symmetrical and bulky the technique used is termed AFT Breast Augmentation. Woman undergoes this surgery when their breast area is not in the proper form and size. This is a cosmetic surgery done under observation by doctors and the improvement of breasts occurs by the use of fats from the more fatty areas of the patient. The treatment has made women really satisfied with the effects.


The consequences related to the AFT Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi will be just as the patient was wishing but the final result depends on how smoothly the medic has carried out the procedure.  


The benefits that can obtain after getting treated are as follows:

  • Your breast will get beautiful and look aesthetic
  • A proper symmetrical and lifted breast
  • Increased breast size
  • Involve the use of natural fats rather than the implants
  • Less invasive treatment as compared to other breast implant surgeries
  • Enhanced confidence level
  • The scars that may occur will be small in size and almost negligible
  • The long-lasting method which is also less invasive
  • With only the involvement of 2 or 3 tissues in the procedure, the damage or cuts will be minimal.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

To be an ideal individual for the above-mentioned procedure you must have the following attributes:

  • When you want to make your breast enlarged and get a proper look
  • If your breast is small in size & you desire an increase
  • Have saggy and elastic skin of the breast
  • Non-smokers are preferred for the procedure
  • A woman who does not consume alcohol
  • Do not hold a medical history 
  • No diabetes, bp issues, and cholesterol disorders 
  • Patients who have a realistic approach to the process
  • A mother who has to breastfeed her child but has lost her breast volume


When the doctor will meet the patient before starting the treatment or advises one he/she will give proper instructions to the candidate so that the nominee can understand the procedure to expect the results accordingly. It will be advised to quit smoking and alcohol consumption as it can affect the healing process. Also, the blood thinners like aspirin & other medications must not be consumed prior to the procedure. 

For this surgery, a fatty part of the body is required so the doctor will examine the body properly to check from where the grafts can be taken. Usually, the grafting’s are withdrawn from the thighs and abdominal region. The cost of the process will be discussed in your first appointment. Other medical issues of the candidate will be asked too by the medic.


The procedure is get started by the detection of the area from where the fats need to be taken. The technique that will be utilized in the process is liposuction. A cannula & a suction pump will be used. The areas where the fat is present (thighs and the abdomen part)  will be cut negligibly or small incisions will be made there. After which the fat will be extracted from that part & will be passed for filtration process as it will remove all the impurities from that blubber. The incision that was made on the fat extracted areas will get closed by the aid of stiches. This processed fat will again transferred into the breast area of the woman by utilizing injections. The process will take around two hours.

Breast Augmentation Care Phase:

After the surgery will be done the medic will give some advises that a patient require to follow in order to avoid the inconveniences situations. When a woman is feeling breast augmentation pain then the doctor will prescribe some medicines to ease the aching. Try not to smoke and do not consume alcohol because these can effect the recovery of the patient. Wear pressurized clothes to maintain a proper shape of the breast. Do not involve in hardy activities after the treatment. Ice packs are effective for the swelling and bruising that occur due to this process. You will have to visit the clinic to check your condition. The general recovery phase is for one month.


The price for the AFT Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi variates around AED 19999. The cost for the procedure also depend on other factors like the location of the clinic, the services present at the clinic, the experience and qualification of the doctors, the results and reviews of the clinic and the demand of the doctor. The final rate for a certain treatment depends on the condition of the patient. In this treatment the quality of bra provided by the hospital, and the special supportive clothes may also contribute in the cost factor.

Why Choose us?

Enfield Royal Clinic have surgeons & professionals who know how to carry out the sensitive process. We are offering cost effective procedures and the services available at our clinic are for your comfortability. We are proud of ourselves as we have made a lot of females self-confident by increasing their breast size according to their desires. The risks related to this AFT Breast Augmentation in Abu Dhabi is almost none as it is done through natural fat of the body. If you have any issues with your breast appearance and look then you should opt for the treatment.

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