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Extra fats in the body are harmful. Also, sometimes an accumulation of fats more than enough happens in the breast area resulting in a large-sized breast that is sometimes difficult to handle. Removing these extra fats and blubbers from the breast of women can restore this exaggerated breast size to a normal breast. This is done by the Breast Reduction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.  To know more about breast reduction therapy read the webpage by scrolling down!

How to Define Breast Reduction?

This is the surgical process for the reduction of extra fatty breasts to make them normal. This is done when the breast size does not go with the other body parts. Then through breast reduction, these will extract out from the chest and will make it normal. 

If the breasts are larger than average and causing problems for you then you need this surgery. This has become one of the favorite choices of every woman facing the issue as this always gives the results desired by the woman. One important fact about this treatment is that it can reduce the chest size of men who have extra muscles on their chest.

Issues Caused by Large Breasts:

It’s not always attractive and fascinating to have big boobs sometimes these extra fats cause problems too. These issues can be:

  • Neck pain
  • Back discomfort
  • Muscles hurt
  • Shoulder ache
  • Unbearable rashes around the breast
  • Breast aching due to heavyweight
  • Headaches
  • Chronic infection

Possible Outcomes:

Permanent and long-lasting effects will be achieved by the therapy as it will remove the fats from the breast forever. The time after which the results will be obvious is around 3 months. The outcomes of Breast Reduction in Abu Dhabi depend on the experience of the doctor and how the surgeon carries out the procedure. 

Perfect Candidates:

Candidates that are perfect to undergo this surgery are the ones who have:

  • Large-sized breast as compared to the balance of other body parts
  • Facing pain in shoulders, neck, and breast muscles
  • Find difficulty in walking and traveling
  • Dress gets tight when from the breast area
  • Want to have a perfect body shape 
  • Need to increase the confidence

Kinds of Surgeries that Can be Done?

There are various surgical techniques that can be done to improve breast size these are as follows:

  • Liposuction:

This is the modern technique for reducing the fats from the breast without causing any sort of scars and cuts. This technique is able to cause a change in size at a limit while for excessive changes other decreasing techniques are utilized. This is a rapid procedure non-surgical one and works for the reduction of boobs. These kind of surgeries do not affect the nipple orientations.

  • Vertical Lollipop Breast Reduction:

Two incisions will be made on and around the nipple to extract the extra fats. This treatment will cause breast reduction scars that will take some time to go away. This kind of surgery can solve problems at a higher level like a sagging breast that causes pains in the neck and shoulder. This procedure will do a breast lift and breast contouring to attain a properly structured breast.

  • Inverted T (Anchor) Breast Reduction:

This surgery can be carried out in 3 styles:

  • By making incisions on the sides of the areola
  • By doing cuts from the areola up to the line of the breast
  • One made under the breast area

This treatment is named according to the lines of incisions done on the breast. 

Precautions Before the Treatment:

  • Your mammograms will be taken to check the risks of breast cancer. 
  • You should restrict medications prior to the procedure
  • Bring someone who can drive you home as you will not be able to drive by yourself
  • Discuss every doubt and expectations with your surgeon
  • Do not smoke 
  • Eliminate alcohol consumption

Breast Reduction Procedure:

Specific methods will be used for mammoplasty so that the process proceeds smoothly and easily. To carry out the process, the doctor will apply anesthesia to the patient’s body. The anesthesia used can be local or general. Then a certain sort of incision will be done on the breast according to the type of treatment. An area will be specified for the placement of a new nipple. After making the cut and a proper hole the extra fats will be withdrawn from the breast to give lift and proper direction. Finally, the incisions will be closed by stitches and certain creams will be applied to them to start the recovery process. 

After Treatment:

  • When the treatment will be finished specific gauzes or dressing will be applied to them. 
  • To avoid the pain the doctor will advise some medicines, this will prevent infections and aches.
  •  It is advised not to weigh heavy objects after surgery.
  •  Do not panic if swelling and grazes occur in the breast area, these will fade out and remove after some days. 
  • Some particular sort of bras should be utilized after the procedure that can provide more compression and support. 
  • Do not engage yourself in tough activities.
  • Maybe breast pain occurs but its totally fine


  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Blood clots
  • Bruising

Recovery Process:

As it is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body she might feel pain and irritation after the treatment. This will take a total of 1.5 months. After which you will be healthy and fit to do anything in your daily routine.

Price of Treatment:

The price of the treatment that is for Breast Reduction in Abu Dhabi may variate from AED 14999 to AED 34500. These depend on the location of the clinic, the charges of the doctor, the skills of the surgeon, and the sort of procedure that will be done.

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