Saline Breast Implants

Saline Breast Implants in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Saline Implant Price

Having a perfect breast that is in proper shape and size is a dream of every woman. But not all women have these sexy breast look naturally. These need to be gained by some procedures & those all processes are available at our clinic. A woman can get a more curvy and volumized breast with this surgery. Saline Breast Implants in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain involve the utilization of saline implants that get inserted into the breast. Although other breast implantations are available this treatment is the perfect one as it is comparatively safer and more effective.

What are Saline Breast Implants?

A woman who wishes to improve their breast measures go for this treatment. In this procedure, the increment is done by inserting the saline grafts. These saline implants are actually silicone material filled with special salt water. After this process, the breast gains volume and looks big. The water involved in the procedure gets dissolved by the body if bursts inside so it’s a secure therapy that’s why a lot of ladies get attracted to the treatment. Various celebrity stars have admitted that they have undergone such procedures and the outcomes were mesmerizing. Saline implants give a firmer and more curved breast shape.


The results that are associated with the Saline Breast Implants in Abu Dhabi are the long-term effects of breast implants. The results will be visible completely after some days. The complete outcomes depend on the expertise of the doctor & on the mastery with which the process was taken. As this will be done surgically so deciding and choosing a surgeon is the main step during the whole journey so a patient must do this with a complete search and after knowing the doctor’s profile.


As the treatment will be done different advantages will be achieved. These are as follows;

  • The size of the breast will get increased 
  • Properly bulky shared chest formed
  • Enhanced personality
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem 
  • Will give a lift to the breast
  • Consistent and sturdy breast 
  • Affordable process 
  • Painless treatment
  • Fast recovery
  • Short procedure

Ideal Candidate:

When choosing a specific surgery the person should be aware of the consequences as well as should know if he is eligible for the process or not. 

  •  The woman who is not pregnant
  • If the female is not in the lactation period
  • You should be an adult if you want to go for the treatment
  • A woman must have healthy physical and mental health.
  • Ladies with small-sized breast 
  • During the weight loss journey if you have lost your breast fat
  • Breast that looks saggy or loose
  • Need to increase the confidence level


Before the surgery day, patients are told how to take care of themselves. They need to eat healthy nutritious food. Also, the intake of blood thinning medicines must be stopped as it will cause more bleeding during the procedure. Taking smoking and alcohol before treatment must be eliminated as they will affect the rehabilitation process. The medicines you have to take must be taken before the procedure. In order to get clear about the patient medical condition, certain blood will be done in advance. Have some on with you on the day of operation.


The process of Saline Breast Implants in Abu Dhabi is simple if done by an expert. At the start of the procedure, the doctor will apply anesthesia to the breast area of the patient. Then markings will be done on particular areas where the incisions need to be done these locations can be near to armpits or under the breast region. After their formation, the silicone will be placed inside the breast of the woman which will then fill with the salt solution. This insertion will make the volume of the chest area. Finally, the sutures will be done. The processing time will be around one to two hours.


Drink plenty of water and eat foods that are more healthy. Wear clothes that provide compression and controlled pressure on the treated area. The patient may be given a support bra that will keep the breast in shape. For pain relief, the doctor will give you some medicines. Do not take part in heavy exercises and take a break from your work for at least a week. Stop your workouts for some days. As your breast is a sensitive area of your body then after getting this breast treatment you should check and analyze the recovery process by visiting the clinic

Recovery Time:

The healing process is almost a week as it is the Safest breast implant so it does not require any longer periods of time for its recovery. However, by taking great care of the stitches and nutrition the recovery speed can swift up.

Saline Breast Implants Vs Silicone:

Both implants are perfect for breast augmentation. The saline implants provide a bulky enhanced breast look while the silicone implants give a more curved natural appearance. Firm & soft breasts will be gained by both treatments. 

Saline Breast Implants Cost: 

The price related to Saline Breast Implants in Abu Dhabi range from AED 24999 TO AED 44999. The final charges for the process depend on the doctor’s fee, the site of the clinic, and the experience and skill of the surgeon. However, the final price for the treatment will get confirmed after the first consultation with the nominee.

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