It is common to have some stubborn fatty deposits in different body regions. These are the areas that are not affected by intensive workouts and a balanced diet. These fats can be broken down by the Aqualyx Injection in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. It takes only minutes to carry out the procedure. Read to learn more about how it is done.

What is Aqualyx?

The injection consists of acid that breaks down the extra fatty tissues the same way the stomach dissolves fats. It aims to contour the treated region by removing all the extra fat cells.

Results of Aqualyx Injections:

These start working immediately however the results are seen after some time. Several treatments are required to achieve desired results i.e. a minimum of 3 or 4 sessions. The fats are effectively dissolved contouring the treated region.


  • The treatment is minimally invasive
  • The recovery time after the administration of injections is brief
  • A single session only takes minutes to carry out the procedure
  • Carried out on an outpatient basis hence the patient does not need to stay overnight
  • Breaks down the extra fall cells in the areas it is injected
  • It contours the treated region according to the recipient’s desire
  • There is no scarring and the results look natural

Who Can Use the Injections?

  • A person who does not suffer from any serious condition or disease
  • Someone who has small stubborn fatty tissues in different parts of their body
  • An individual who is not morbidly fat or obese
  • Someone who is of legal age i.e. 18 or 18 plus
  • A woman who is not pregnant or breastfeeds
  • For a person whose skin is elastic as otherwise, the treated region may become saggy

How Do these Injections Work?

Aqulyx Injections for Fat Removal Abu Dhabi work by injecting the solution into the areas of a small collection of fats that they can dissolve. These dissolved cells are then removed from the body by the body’s immune system.

How it is done?

Aqualyx Injection in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain takes less than an hour to perform. It is a pain-free procedure as the area is first numbed before starting the treatment.

  • The treated region is first cleaned and numbed using a numbing cream or local anesthetic
  • The area is then marked where the injections are needed
  • Once the region is numbed, the solution is administered to the skin according to the markings.
  • The number of injections varies from person to person depending on the size of the treatment area
  • In the end, a protective and soothing ointment is applied to minimize any pain or discomfort


A list of post-care instructions is provided to the recipient to achieve desired results and avoid any complications. The patient is advised to                             

  • Avoid makeup on the treated area(s) on the first day of treatment
  • Do not apply any chemical containing products as it can cause irritation and complication on injected sites
  • The injected sites should be massaged gently to spread the solution evenly to make the solution work better
  • Do not take a hot shower on the day of injections as it affects the healing process
  • A high SPF sunscreen should be applied to protect the skin and the treated regions from the high UV rays of the sun
  • Avoid direct heat and sun exposure on treated areas
  • Intensive exercise should also be avoided for at least a week


The region of treatment takes a few weeks to completely heal after the procedure. The recovery period varies from person to person as it depends on how fast and capable the individual’s immune system is. With some, it may take about a month for the bruises to completely fade away and the swelling to reside.

The Downside:

Every treatment has some side effects however these can be minimized if carried out by experienced skincare professionals. Some of the temporary downsides of the injections include possible bruising or redness in the area treated. The region is also often swollen after the injection.

Cost of Aqualyx Injections:

The average cost for the Injection ranges from AED 999 to AED 2,599. The actual cost is determined by the skin care specialist after the initial consultation and checkup keeping in mind the number of factors affecting the cost. These factors include the area of the treatment region, the number of injections needed to achieve optimum results, and the expertise of the skincare professional.

Is it worth it?

These help the individual in achieving the body figure they desire by removing the unnecessary and stubborn fats which they are otherwise unable to get rid of.

Duration of the Results:

The results of Aqualyx last for a long and results are often permanent. However, it depends on how well the recipient maintains their ideal weight after the treatment. If the patient gains weight after the treatment, the treated region likely gains fatty tissues as well.

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