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The lips are the center of attraction on the face. Having beautiful lips is something everybody desires to have. The appearance of a person’s lips can greatly affect how a person is perceived. Fuller lips enhance the beauty however not everybody is lucky enough to be born with them. This can be achieved by a cosmetic procedure carried out with Lip Fillers Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. During the treatment, the doctor injects a solution into the lips of the candidate that makes them fuller and enhances the appearance by increasing the volume. In severe cases when there is no lip volume, patients can opt for Lip Augmentation


The procedure aims to add dimension and volume to the otherwise thin lips. It enhances the look of the person by reshaping the lips. It is the contouring of lips to make them look bigger and fuller.

Results of Lip Fillers Abu Dhabi:

Lip Fillers result in enhancement of the lips. The size of the lips is increased resulting in an improvement in the appearance of the person. The results are quick and do not require any downtime. They last for a long time, and the candidate does not have to repeat the procedure after every few days.

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Lip Fillers in Abu Dhabi have the following benefits.

  • It enhances the appearance of the lips
  • Makes a person more confident and increases their self-esteem
  • It adds dimension and volume to the otherwise thin lips
  • The results are instant with no downtime
  • The candidate achieves their desired look without having to undergo the surgical procedure
  • It lasts for a long time so the recipient does not have to repeat the procedure after a few days

Good Candidate:

  • A generally healthy person who is not suffering from any serious mental or physical condition
  • Any individual who wants to change the appearance of their lips
  • An individual who is not allergic to the fillers
  • A candidate who wants fuller lips with an increased volume
  • A person with realistic expectations from the procedure


The doctor reviews the patient’s medical history and takes a physical examination to make sure they do not suffer from any condition that could affect the treatment. The doctor then takes a patch test to make sure the recipient is not allergic to the injections.

It is a quick and easy procedure so no intensive preparation is required before the treatment. the patient is however advised not to take blood-thinning medications as it increases the risk of bleeding during the procedure.


  • During Lip Fillers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, the treatment area is first cleaned and disinfected thoroughly
  • The doctor then marks the site of the injections
  • A numbing cream or injections of local anesthesia is used to numb the lips to avoid any discomfort to the recipient
  • Once numbed, the doctor then uses a small and thin needle to inject the dermal fillers into various points on the lips
  • The solution contains Hyaluronic acid that stays on the lips for a long time
  • The treated area is then cleaned and an ointment is applied to minimize any infection

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the procedure, the recipient is given a list of instructions to follow to take good care of the lips to achieve the expected results.

  • The candidate is not to kiss for at least a day or two
  • The recipient should avoid excessive workouts for a day or two as well
  • To control the swelling, ice packs are to be used
  • A lot of water is to be consumed after the procedure

The recovery time for the injections is usually the time taken for the injection sites to heal completely. It only takes a few days after which the recipient can enjoy their fuller and more beautiful lips.

Side Effects:

  • The site of injections may bleed
  • There is swelling on and around the site of treatment
  • The lips may appear tender and red after the treatment
  • There is a risk of infection as well if not taken care of properly

Offers/Cost of Lip Fillers in Abu Dhabi:

The average Lip Fillers Injections cost in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000. The actual cost depends on the type and amount of fillers used. The final cost is determined by the doctor after initial examination and consultation. Find more details about cost offers of Lip Fillers injections

How Long do the Results Last?

The fillers last for a long time. Their duration varies and depends on the type of lip fillers used. Some may last for several years while others may last for up to six months or a year.

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