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A person may experience the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hollow areas, with growing age. These are natural signs of aging and nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. However, a person may wish to get rid of these aging signs and enhance their appearance. There are several methods and treatments which the individual can get to achieve this. One of the most effective and safe treatments to address these concerns is the Sculptra Fillers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Read all about the treatment below

About Sculptra Fillers Treatment:

The treatment aims to provide a younger-looking appearance and boost the confidence and self-esteem of the recipient. The fine lines and wrinkles that appear as the person ages are reduced and the hollow areas are filled. It aims to make the recipient look young, fresh, and well-rested.


Sculptra Fillers in Abu Dhabi make the recipient look younger and fresh. The appearance of fine lines is reduced providing smooth and clear skin. The results are instant and are visible right away. The final results are however visible once the recovery is complete and the filler settles into the treated area(s).  


  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced
  • The results are natural and appealing
  • It enhances the appearance of the individual
  • The skin texture and quality are improved
  • The hollow areas are filled and lost volume restored
  • It makes the recipient more confident with an increased self-esteem
  • The results last for a long time

Ideal Candidate for Sculptra Fillers:

  • A healthy person who does not suffer from any serious condition or disease
  • Someone who has hollow areas that they want to be filled
  • Anybody with visible aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines
  • A person who wants a lifted and youthful look
  • An individual who has realistic expectations from the procedure


The recipient is provided with a list of guidelines to prepare for the treatment. A patch test is first carried out to check if the patient is allergic to the solution and to see how their body reacts to it.

  • The recipient is to avoid taking:
  • Blood-thinning medications
  • Smoking
  • Supplements
  • Vitamin tablets
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Makeup or any skincare product on the day of injections

How it is done?

During Sculptra Fillers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, you can expect the following:

  • The procedure is carried out in a clinical setting by a skincare professional and usually takes about 30 or 40 minutes to carry out.
  • The treated region is first disinfected using an antiseptic solution or soap
  • The area is then marked where the fillers are needed to avoid any asymmetric results
  • To numb the area the doctor applies a numbing cream or injects a local anesthetic. An ice pack may also be applied to numb the region to avoid any discomfort during the procedure
  •  Once numbed, the skincare professional takes the dermal filler injection with a fine and small needle to administer it to the marked areas
  • In the end, soothing cream or cold compress is applied to minimize the discomfort and bruising on the injected sites.

Aftercare and Recovery:

A list of dos and don’ts is provided to the recipient after the Sculptra Fillers to be followed to achieve the best possible results and avoid complications

  • On the day of injections, the skin should be kept clean and makeup or skincare product should not be applied to the treated area
  • The individual is not to get a massage or facial on the treated area for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • For the first few days, it is advised to apply ice or cold compress on the bruises and redness
  • The ointment, if provided by the doctor, should be applied according to the prescription
  •  For the first 2 days, the recipient should avoid intensive workouts and activity

The recovery period is very short for the treatment is very short and usually takes only a few days for the bruising to fade and swelling to reside. The redness also goes away in a day or two at max.

Side Effects:

  • The recipient feels discomfort and some tenderness on the treated region right after getting the injections
  • The area may be red, bruised, or swelled as well for some time
  • There is a risk of infection or an allergic reaction on the treated sites

Cost of Sculptra Fillers Abu Dhabi:

The average cost of Sculptra Filler Injections in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 2500 to AED  6,000. It depends on the number of injections needed to achieve the desired result, the size of the treatment region, the type of filler used, and the expertise of the skincare specialist. The dermatologist decides the final cost after the initial checkup and consultation

How Long do the Results Last?

The duration of the results varies from individual to individual. The average duration is 2 years however for some people the effects may last for up to five years. If the recipient wishes to maintain the results for even a longer time, they can get the procedure repeated.

Why Choose our Clinic?

Abu Dhabi’s best doctors and skincare specialists at the Enfield Royal Clinic bring the best Sculptra Fillers. They carry out the most accurate diagnosis and then provide the most suitable treatment options accordingly. The well-trained staff and their friendly behavior make sure the patients are relaxed and comfortable. The environment of the clinic is kept very clean and hygienic practices are taken very seriously. All the Covid 19 protocols are still in place as the safety and health of the patients and clients is the number one priority of the clinic and the staff. The success rate of the treatments provided by the clinic is very high and you can get an idea from our clients’ feedback that are publicly available on the website.  

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