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The age-related changes to the appearance faced by people are often not welcomed and may make a person self conscious. One of the most common aging signs includes the reduction in the volume on the face and other regions of the body. Fine lines and wrinkles also start to appear due to this reduction in the volume. The Voluma Fillers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is FDA approved filler treatments that address the signs of aging and makes the person appear young and youthful.

What are the Goals of the Treatment?

The procedure aims to address several aging problems that a person experiences with the growing age. The fine lines and creases that appear on the skin due to loosening of the skin and loss of volume are reduced. The cheekbones and jawline are made to appear sharper and defined while also plumping up the otherwise thin lips. 


The procedure results in an improvement in the appearance of the individual by providing volume to the treated areas and getting rid of the aging signs. The results are instant and can be seen right away after the treatment however the final results take time to be visible. It takes approx two or three weeks for the solution to settle and the side effects to reside.


  • It contours the person’s appearance according to their desire
  • The production of collagen is increased due to the injections
  • The effects look natural and appealing
  • The procedure is quick and takes a few minutes to carry out
  • The results last for a long time and are not needed to be repeated after some weeks
  • The success rate of the injections is very high i.e. above 95%
  • It takes only a few days to recover and heal completely

Ideal Candidate:

  • A person who does not suffer from any serious skin disease or condition
  • Someone who wants to enhance their appearance
  • Women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • An individual who wishes to regain the volume that a person loses with growing age
  • Anyone who has visible signs of aging that they wish to address
  • A person who is over the age of 21

How Do the Injections Work?

The  Voluma Fillers in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain are injected under the skin using an injection with a very fine needle. These provide an instant volume on the treated region(s) and fill up the hollow areas. It is made of a solution of hyaluronic acid that helps retain the water in the skin thus hydrating it from the inside. The formula of the solution contains special cross-linking because of which it stays for a much longer time under the skin than normal fillers.


  • The injections take only a few minutes to administer
  • First, the area is cleaned with a disinfecting solution to remove any traces of dirt or makeup from the face
  • The region is then numbed using a local anesthetic or a numbing cream
  • When it is numbed, the skincare specialist starts the procedure by first marking the treatment are
  • Using the injection with a small and a fine needle the filler is administered under the skin according to the markings
  • The solution is then distributed throughout by gently massaging the treated areas
  • A soothing cream or cold compress is then applied to the treated area(s) to minimize any discomfort felt by the patient

Aftercare and Recovery:

  • The recipient should keep the treated areas clean and dry for the first days especially to minimize the risk of infection
  • Ice packs are to be applied to the swollen and red areas to reduce the swelling and redness
  • The treated area should be protected from direct sunlight and a high SPF sunscreen should be used
  • The candidate should not sleep with their face down for at least five or 6 days

The rest of the instructions are provided to the recipient by the dermatologist on how to pace up the healing process and achieve the best results. It takes a maximum of a week to recover after the treatment.


The average cost of the treatment starts from AED 599 per injection. The final cost varies from person to person as it depends on several factors like the size of the treatment region, the amount of solution required to obtain optimum results, the complexity of the treatment, and the skincare professional’s expertise. The final cost is decided by the doctor after taking into consideration all the factors.

How Long Does the Voluma Last?

The effects of the injections can last from nine months to 2 years. The duration of the results depends on the quantity of the filler used, the immune system of the recipient and to long it takes for the body to break down and metabolize the filler. The injections can be repeated if the recipient wishes to maintain the results for even a longer time.

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