Best Weight Loss Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

It is the dream of every individual to have the perfect body. Some achieve it by working hard in the gym and by strictly following a balanced diet chart. This is the healthiest way to tone your body. However, for some people, this is not entirely effective. Even after all the hard work, some may still have fat pockets that are stubborn and difficult to get rid of. In such cases, the Weight Loss Injections in Abu Dhabi are very effective with guaranteed results.

Essence of Treatment: 

The procedure aims to eliminate all the excessive fats in the recipient. It burns the fat non-surgically by either reducing the appetite of the recipient or converting the fatty tissues into liquid or blocking the blood supply to the fat cells causing them to die. The metabolism is also increased by the injections.

Results of Weight Loss Injections:

The results of the procedure vary from patient to patient. Some can last for a long time while with others the procedure may need to be repeated to maintain the results. The outcome of the treatment depends on how well the body weight is maintained by the recipient.


  • The procedure contours the figure of the individual
  • The excessive fatty tissues are eliminated
  • The appearance of the individual is enhanced
  • The metabolism is enhanced which helps the person to lose weight much faster
  • It is a simple and non-surgical procedure to lose extra fats
  • The treatment helps to burn the fatty tissues naturally

Ideal Candidate:

  • Any person who has extra fats on their body
  • Somebody who is medically healthy and does not suffer from any serious condition that may affect the treatment
  • A person who wants to contour their body non-surgically
  • An individual with realistic expectations from the treatment
  • A candidate who is unable to lose weight with intensive workouts and a balanced diet

Types of Weight Loss Injections:

  1. Aqualyx
  2. Lipotropic
  3. Kybella

How Does it Work?

The Weight Loss Injections in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain work by injecting the solutions that destroy the fat cells into a specific area that contains excessive fats. The fatty tissues are either converted into a liquid which is then removed by the body or the blood supply to them is blocked causing them to no longer be able to hold fats resulting in their death. The dead cells are then removed by the body’s immune system. The working of these varies from patient to patient.


A list of instructions is given for the preparation for the treatment by the surgeon. The surgeon first takes a physical examination of the problem areas of the patient and carries out a patch test. This is to make sure the patient does not have any negative reaction to the injections.


  • The treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis. It takes an hour or two at max to carry out the procedure depending on the size of the area to be treated.
  • The doctor disinfects the treatment area and marks the region where injections are to be administered
  • A certain amount of the solution in the injections is then applied to the marked areas
  • After the session is completed, the next session is planned about which the patient is informed

Aftercare and Recovery:

  • The treated region is to be massaged softly after the administration of injections
  • Other cosmetic procedures on the treated region are to be avoided for some time
  • An ice pack is advised to apply on the part where there is swelling and redness

The recovery time is comparatively short for this treatment. It varies for each individual as it depends on the healing capability of the patient.

Side Effects:

The patient may experience a low level of blood sugar, stomach upset, or dizziness right after the session. These are temporary effects that fade away in a few days. To avoid these, the patients are to strictly follow the post-care instructions provided by the doctor.  


The average cost for the Weight Loss Injections in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 4,000 to AED 6,000 per session. The final and total cost depends on the type and amount of solution used to achieve desired results and also the number of sessions required which is determined by the doctor after the initial consultation.  

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