Xeomin Treatment – Frown Line Removal

Xeomin Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain - Frown Line Removal

Frown lines normally appear between or above one’s eye browns. These lines either symbolize aging or indicate loosening skin. Normally, these lines negatively impact the outlook of a person and most people prefer to have them removed as early as possible. In this regard, Frown Line Removal aka, Xeomin Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain uses injections to relax the muscles administered to the body. these injections relax the skin by temporarily stopping the nerve impulses to the administered part of the body. The relaxation of muscles effectively reduces muscular activity thus removing the wrinkles and frown lines. 

Essence of Treatment:

The procedure aims to get rid of the frown lines, lines on the forehead, smile lines, and crow’s feet. It is to reverse the obvious signs of aging by smoothening the wrinkles and fine lines. It is preferred by dermatologists for individuals who wish to enhance their appearance.


It provides the recipient with a silky, unwrinkled appearance. There is a short downtime and the results start showing a few days after the procedure. The final results take around a month to be visible.


  • It provides a youthful and relaxed appearance to the recipient
  • The wrinkles and aging lines on the face are reduced
  • The procedure is quick and takes only a few minutes to carry out
  • The treatment lasts for a long time making it cost-effective
  • It is comparatively safer than other injectables as it minimizes the chances of allergies
  • The results are guaranteed and look natural

Ideal Candidate:

  • A person not suffering from any serious skin condition or disease
  • Someone who is about the age of 18 years old
  • Anybody who has visible frown lines on their forehead
  • A person who wishes to get rid of the lines between the eyebrows
  • A candidate who is conscious about their appearance and wants to enhance it

How Does it Work?

Frown Line Removal in Abu Dhabi works by injecting Xeomin into the area between the eyes on the frown lines to remove it. The frown lines are caused by the contraction of muscles between the eyebrows. The solution works by relaxing the muscles because of which they are unable to contract.


The preparation before Xeomin Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain includes taking a patch test on the candidate to check their body’s reaction to the Xeomin and to see whether they are allergic to it. The patient’s medical history is reviewed and a physical examination is taken. To prepare the candidate for the treatment a list of instructions is provided to follow. These include the things to avoid like blood thinners, supplements, alcohol consumption, smoking, and skincare products that contain chemicals.


  • The skin to be treated has to be cleaned first and disinfected with a disinfecting solution
  • If the patient wishes to numb the area before starting the procedure, the skincare specialist applies a numbing cream or local anesthetic.
  • The procedure can be carried out by numbing the area of treatment
  • Using a tiny needle, Xeomin is then administered in the area between the eyebrows
  • This blocks the muscle contraction by blocking the signals to the muscles
  • This causes the muscles to relax and frown lines to disappear

Aftercare and Recovery:

For a few hours, the injected region feels like a bite of a mosquito. Bruising may cause the skin to turn red. The recipient should stop using aspirin-containing goods and supplements with a high dosage of vitamin E.

It is also advised that the individual refrain from applying cosmetics for some time. To increase the absorption of Xeomin, skincare professionals normally recommend completing face muscle exercises several times a week.

Side Effects:

  • The treated area may be painful and the recipient may feel discomfort after the procedure
  • There is a risk of bruises and swelling on the eyelids
  • After the treatment, some people may experience headaches or diarrhea


The average cost for Frown Line Removal in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 900 to AED 2000. The final cost is decided by the dermatologist after keeping in mind all the factors affecting it. These include the current condition of the patient, the size of the area to be treated, and the number of sessions required to achieve optimum results.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of the injection lasted for several months. It may last for 4 to 7 months and varies from patient to patient. If the recipient notices the results fading away, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the results.

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