Body Contouring Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

Intensive workouts and a balanced diet are the healthiest way to get rid of fats and contour the body. However, some fats and loose skin are stubborn that is not affected by the workout. These fats can be addressed by getting professional help. Now, Body Contouring Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain helps tone the body and get a well-defined figure.

Essence of Treatment:

The surgery aims to contour the body by removing extra fat and loose skin from different parts of the body. The fat cells are destroyed with no chance of their return. It targets specific parts of the body where fats are accumulated and there is the presence of loose skin.

Results of Body Contouring:

Body Contouring/reshaping / in Abu Dhabi results in a stunning figure in just a few days. Check before and after.


  • The treatment gets rid of fats and extra skin from different parts of the body
  • It makes a person look good by improving the person’s figure
  • The self-esteem and confidence of the candidate increases
  • It makes a person look slim and smart
  • The person looks youthful as the skin is also tightened
  • The results last for a very long time and often last for a lifetime as well

Ideal Candidate:

  • Somebody who is medically healthy and does not suffer from any serious medical condition
  • A person who has extra fats or loose skin on their body that can be removed
  • Anybody not comfortable with their appearance and figure
  • An individual who does not smoke
  • A candidate with realistic expectations from the treatment
  • A person with stubborn fats that are not affected by exercise and a well-balanced diet


In the initial consultation, the surgeon discusses the treatment’s problem areas, concerns, and expectations. The doctor then reviews the medical history and takes a physical examination. The doctor may also draw some blood for testing to make sure the person is ideal for the treatment.

Once completing the initial checkup, the surgeon plans a customized treatment according to the requirements and needs of the patient. A list of instructions is given to prepare the candidate for the treatment. Blood-thinning medications and supplements are to be avoided and the patient should also stop smoking for days before and after the procedure until the recovery is complete.

Techniques We Use:

There are several Body Contouring Treatments in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. These can be surgical or non-surgical. The surgical treatments provide immediate results while the non-surgical have some downtime before the results start becoming visible.


The surgical treatments include the following mentioned surgeries


This treatment includes the breaking of fatty tissues and extracting them by the process of sucking through a fine hollow cannula. It removes all the excessive fat cells and leaves the body with a well-defined figure. The results can be seen immediately however, the final results take some time until the body is healed and the body is adjusted to the new contours.

Body lift:

The treatment removes the extra loose skin from different regions of the body. The sagging skin is tightened leaving the skin smooth and youthful. The results are immediately visible however the wound healing takes time.


The process addresses the aging signs on the face by tightening the skin and filling up the following areas on the face by the use of fillers, botox, etc. It leaves the person looking refreshed and youthful.


The removal of extra skin and fats from the abdomen leaves the person with a flat and slim waist. An incision is made to do this. The underlying muscles are also tightened and the incision is then sutured.

Breast Lift:

The surgery enhances the shape of the breasts by lifting them. This is done by removing extra skin and tightening the tissues around it.

Brazilian Butt Lift:

This is a butt-enhancing surgery in which fat cells are transferred from one or many parts of the body containing fats, to the buttocks.


The non-surgical treatments Body Contouring Treatments in Abu Dhabi include:


These are injections used to melt fats by destroying the fat cells and making them unable to retain fats. It is a non-surgical treatment that does not require any incision. The results are seen after approx six months. The fats removed foes not return thus the results are permanent.

Cool sculpting:

The stubborn fat is frozen using a special device which is then removed by the body. It requires several sessions to eliminate the fatty tissues. The results are visible after some months.

How much does Body Contouring Cost in Abu Dhabi?

The average cost for Body Contouring in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 18,000. It depends on the procedure adopted by the surgeon and the complexity of the treatment. The final cost is determined by the surgeon after the detailed initial consultation.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the treatment last for a long time and often a lifetime as well. The results depend on how well the patient maintains their ideal body weight. If the recipient gains weight in the future, there are chances that the treated areas will gain fats.

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