Double Chin Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost of Chin Lipo

A lot of people suffer from the appearance of a double chin. Even the ones who are otherwise slim can get a double chin. It is common to be bothered by it. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a defined jawline with a flat chin. This fat is often very stubborn and it is difficult to get rid of even with a proper workout and a balanced diet. The side profile is the most affected by this extra fat. People can get their jawline contoured with the procedure of Double Chin Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. The treatment results in the desired side profile and makes the person look slim, active, and refreshed.

Essence Of Treatment:

The treatment aims to target the fats under the chin and remove it manually. It leaves the patient with a well-defined and sharp jawline. The chin is contoured by removing all the excess fat enhancing the look of a person and making their face appear slim.


The therapy results in a sculpted jawline as all the extra fat from under the chin is removed and extracted permanently. There is no downtime after the procedure. However, the healing process takes some time after which final results can be seen.


  • The stubborn fat from under the chin is removed
  • It provides permanent results without any chances of reappearance of fats
  • The procedure is almost non-invasive as the surgeon does not make any incisions
  • It is carried out under local anesthesia to keep the discomfort to the minimum
  • The treatment is not time-consuming and only takes about an hour to perform
  • The results are immediately visible with no downtime
  • The healing process is quick and does not take a lot of time

Ideal Candidate:

  • Somebody who feels that there is a lot of fat under their chin
  • A person with a visible double chin
  • A candidate should have an ideal weight and be healthy
  • An individual who does not suffer from any serious medical condition
  • Somebody with enough fats that can be removed
  • The recipient with a realistic expectation from the procedure

How Does It Work?

The Double Chin Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain works by removing the excess fats under the chin. A cannula is used to loosen the fatty tissues that are then extracted using the hollow needle by the process of suctioning. The procedure results in swelling under the chin so the patient is to wear a compressed cloth for a week or two.


The surgeon, in the initial consultation, discusses the issues and expectations of the patient from the treatment. Then the area under the chin is examined and medical history is also reviewed. If the patient is medically fit, mentally prepared, and is ideal for the treatment, the surgeon plans the procedure according to the individual patient.

The treatment is customized according to individual patients. A list of instructions is then given to the patient to follow and prepare for the therapy. The patient is to stop taking any blood-thinning medications and keep the area clean to reduce the chances of infection.


  • First, the area under the chin is cleansed to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Then the doctor marks the desired shape of the chin
  • Local anesthesia is then used to numb the area to be treated
  • Once it is numbed, the surgeon starts by inserting hollow needles into the double chin
  • Using this hollow needle the fatty tissues are torn with back and forth motion so that they can be extracted
  • Using suctioning these fatty tissues are removed from the chin
  • The area is then bandaged once the fats are removed from the chin

Aftercare a\nd Recovery:

Post-op care is important to get the desired results. The patient is instructed to avoid extensive workouts for a few days until healing is complete. A compression cloth is to be worn for at least a week to control the swelling and to reshape the chin. Ice is also to be placed on the treated area.

The patient can go back to work in 3 to 4 days. However, complete recovery takes a month or two after which the final results are visible.

Side Effects:

There are a few minimal side effects of the treatment that include

  • Bleeding on the side of treatment
  • There is also a risk of infection if not taken care of properly
  • If carried out by an inexpert surgeon, it can result in asymmetrical features
  • There is some swelling and discomfort as the recipient have to wear a compressed cloth for a week or two

Double Chin Liposuction Cost Abu Dhabi:

The average cost of Double Chin Liposuction in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 900 to AED 9,999. The final cost is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the treatment last for a long time. The treatment provides permanent results as long as the candidate maintains their healthy weight.

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