Gallbladder Stones Surgery in Abu Dhabi khalifa City Cost & Price

Imagine a disease that sneaks up on itself without being noticed. This disease, which does not give any symptoms or complaints, causes you to suddenly end up in the hospital with severe pain one night. Known as the silent disease, this disease is none other than gallstones. Gallbladder Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain will help you deal with the problem. The gallbladder is an organ in the lower neighborhood of the liver and attached to the liver. The gallbladder’s primary function is to store bile made by the liver. There are many gallbladder diseases, and the most common ones are gallstones and gallbladder polyps.

Essence of Treatment:

Cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove your gallbladder, a pear-shaped organ located just below your liver on the upper right side of your abdomen. Your gallbladder collects and stores bile, a digestive fluid produced in your liver. It is a commonly performed surgery and carries only a small risk of complications. In most cases, you can go home the day of your surgery.

It is usually performed by inserting a small video camera and special surgical instruments through four small incisions to see inside your abdomen and remove the gallbladder. Doctors call this a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.


Gallstones cause discomfort and infection, which can be relieved by removing the gallbladder. It can help prevent gallstones from recurring. They can cause pain and illness if they are not addressed.


The treatment has the following advantages:

  • The technique is less invasive, requiring far smaller surgical incisions and, as a result, leaving fewer scars.
  • During this sort of surgery, there is less blood loss.
  • After the procedure, you will have reduced discomfort.
  • Compared to other gallbladder surgery treatments, you will spend less time in the hospital.
  • Following a laparoscopy, you will have a lower risk of infection.
  • You’ll be able to get back to your usual routine more quickly.

Ideal Candidate:

If your gallstones are not causing symptoms, you do not need surgery. You will only need surgery if a stone enters one of your bile ducts or if your bile duct is blocked. The blockage causes a severe, knife-like pain in your abdomen that can last for several hours.


During the preparation period, your surgeon may ask you to:

  • Do not eat anything the night before your surgery. You can take a sip of water with your medication but avoid eating and drinking liquids for at least four hours before your surgery.
  • Stop taking certain medications and supplements. Tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take.
  • You can continue to take most medications as prescribed. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medications and supplements as they can increase your risk of bleeding.


It takes around an hour or two to perform the Gallbladder Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. In your belly, a surgeon will make a few tiny incisions. In those incisions, the surgeon will implant small, hollow tubes. A laparoscope and other surgical equipment will subsequently be inserted into the tubes by the surgical team.

Carbon dioxide may be pumped into your abdomen by your physician. The surgical region is inflated at this point, making it easier to view within. The surgeon will use special instruments to separate the gallbladder from the rest of the body and remove it. Stitches, surgical clips, or surgical glue will be used to seal the incisions.

If there are any difficulties with the laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the surgeon may opt for an open cholecystectomy instead. A wider incision is required for this surgery.

Aftercare and Recovery:

You will be taken to the emergency room as the effects of the anesthetic drugs wear off. You will then be taken to a hospital room to continue healing. The recovery will follow the following steps:

  • If there are no complications after gallbladder surgery, patients can usually be discharged on the same day. Post-surgery doctors recommend walking. However, precise information on the subject will still be given to you by your doctor.
  • You can probably return to your normal activities about a week after the laparoscopic gallbladder removal.
  • If you do any physical work involving heavy lifting, be sure to ask your doctor when you can return to work.
  • If you had open surgery with a large incision, you might need more time to heal. You may need to stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery. In surgeries performed with open incisions, returning to everyday life may take 4 to 6 weeks.


The Gallbladder Stones Surgery Cost in Abu Dhabi can range from AED 25000 to AED 30000. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the treatment technique used, the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon’s expertise, clinic level, and location. The doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation and assessment of the complexity of the procedure.