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Most people focus on face rejuvenation while ignoring the aging of other parts of the body. The skin on the hands just like on the face becomes loose with age.  Faces receive a lot of attention as compared to the hands. This is why hands age more than that of the face. People are more focused on the prevention of aging on the face by using skincare products like retinol, sunblock, etc while completely ignoring the aging on hands. Just like the face is exposed to sun and pollution and oxidants, the hands are also exposed to these.  This is why the hands may age more than that of the face as people do not apply the same skincare routine on the hands. The volume on the hands decreases, muscles volume reduces and it becomes skeleton-like. The surgery of Hand Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain focuses on the aging of hands and addresses it to restore the volume.

Essence of Treatment:

To improve the look of the hands’ people undergo the surgery.  The treatment reverses the aging process and makes the hands appear young. There are different ways the treatment can be carried out. Some of these are temporary solutions while other surgical processes are permanent. The aim of the treatment is to improve the surface of the skin on the back of the hands. The deformities in the skin like scars, pigmentation, or the loss of the skin tone, are overcome with the treatment. It also reverses the aging signs.


The procedure gives volume to the hands and makes them look young. The part(s) of the skin of hands that age are treated. It uses similar methods as that of facial rejuvenation to enhance the look of the hands. The results are very dramatic and make the hands appear plumped.


The benefits of the treatment surpass the recovery time and the minor discomforts a person may feel.

  • Gives a youthful appearance to the hands
  • Restores the hand volume that a person loses with age
  • The procedure stimulates the growth of collagen that reduces the wrinkles
  • These treatments are usually quick and only take an hour or two to carry out
  • The procedure gives guaranteed results
  • Makes the hands look soft and beautiful
  • Addresses the problem of tendons and veins being more prominent with age
  • Comparatively less invasive than other rejuvenation procedures

Ideal Candidates:

  • If a person’s hand appears old and they wish to rejuvenate it, they are the perfect candidate for the treatment.
  • A person should be medically healthy and have realistic expectations from the procedure
  • The person does not have any serious skin condition
  • Somebody who is willing to quit smoking so that healing can take place
  • Women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Somebody not on blood thinners or is able to stop taking it for a few days before and after the treatment

How Does It Work?

It works by making the hands full and plump. The wrinkled skin is tightened by adding volume to the hands which makes it look young and fresh.


In the initial discussion with the patient, the doctor talks through about the expectations with the outcome of the procedure. He, then, analysis the appearance of the hands and takes a physical examination. The history of the patient is also examined to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

The patient needs to stop smoking and take medicines for blood thinning for some weeks before and after the treatment. The skin of the hands needs to be well hydrated all the time.


Hand Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain can be carried out with a number of procedures

  • Chemical peels: This is a non-invasive treatment. This works well for the hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the hands but does not give volume to the hands.
  • Fat transfer: Transferring fat cells from one part of the body to the back of the hands also provides the volume required by the recipient. The downtime for this treatment is more than that of other procedures, however, the results are more durable and last a lifetime.
  • Fillers: Injecting fillers provide lost volume to the back of the hands and make them look fuller and youthful. This treatment may last for a few months to some years as well depending on the type of fillers used. This however does not last a lifetime. The results are quick and effective.
  • Sclerotherapy: In order to get rid of visible veins, small injections are used to contact them. This procedure is a little invasive but has very effective results.
  • Laser treatment: This is also a non-invasive treatment and deals with external problems like hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Aftercare and Recovery:

Each procedure needs different aftercare and recovers differently. The doctor’s instructions need to be followed to achieve good results of the treatment.

Side Effects:

Minor negative impacts may be experienced by some people that fade away with time. These may include:

  • Some bruising or some red blotches on the hands
  • Some may also experience itchiness during the recovery period.
  • The hands may also feel swollen for some time.
  • There is a minor risk of infection as well


There are different costs for the treatment of Hand Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi. The actual cost actually depends on the technique used by the doctor. It is thus finalized by the doctor after the initial discussion of the type of technique used.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The duration of the results depends on the procedure used by the surgeon. Some may last for a lifetime however others last a few months or years. It also depends on the care taken by the person of their hands.

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