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High Definition Liposculpture in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

Achieving the body of your dreams could not be any easier!

Anybody can have those stubborn fat deposits on different parts of their body. These are the ones that are unaffected no matter how much a person works out or eats a well-balanced diet with no extra calories. People with such a problem with fats need not worry anymore as the latest technology and procedure for fat removal does the job effectively and safely. This is the High Definition Liposculpture in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain that is carried out by an experienced surgeon through which only fatty tissues are targeted and removed.

Essence of Treatment:

The procedure aims to remove the extra fat deposits from different regions of a person’s body. It provides the individual with the figure of their dreams. It is the best way to get rid of the stubborn fats that are otherwise difficult to get rid of even with intensive exercise and a well-balanced diet.


The surgery results in a contoured and well-defined figure that enhances the appearance of a person. The results are visible almost immediately however it takes time to see the final results once the swelling resides and the body is adjusted to the new contours. This can take a few months.


  • Excessive fats are extracted from different regions of the body
  • The person appears to be slim and smart
  • It provides the dream figure to the recipient
  • The surgery is safe and effective to perform with
  • The recovery time is less as compared to other fat removing techniques
  • It enhances the appearance of a person by contouring the body
  • The surgery results in a boost in the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person

Ideal Candidate:

  • A mentally ready individual for the surgery
  • A person who is healthy and is not suffering from any serious medical condition
  • Somebody with enough fats on the body to be removed
  • An individual who wishes to enhance their appearance
  • A person with good elastic skin so that the treatment does not result in sagging of the skin

How Does it Work?

The High Definition Liposculpture in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain eliminates the fats from different parts of the body and provides a well-contoured and defined figure. This is done by inserting a probe into the layers of fatty tissues that introduce ultrasound energy. This melts and breaks down the fatty tissues which are then extracted by a fine hollow cannula using the process of suctioning.


The surgeon discusses the patient’s problem areas and expectations from the treatment. The surgery is then explained in detail on how it takes place and the way fats are extracted from the body. The medical history is reviewed by the surgeon and a physical examination is taken to check the area to be treated and to calculate the number of fats to be removed. Blood may also be drawn for testing to make sure the patient is ideal for the treatment and that the patient does not or did not suffer from any serious medical condition.

The surgeon then gives a list of instructions to prepare the candidate for the procedure. The patient is advised to stop taking blood thinning medicines and vitamin supplements. In case the patient smokes, they are to stop smoking for days before and after the surgery.


The surgery is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia to avoid any discomfort. The choice of anesthesia depends on the patient and the surgeon and the number of fats to be removed and the number of regions.

  • The region to be treated is disinfected using an antiseptic solution to clean the area of any bacteria and dirt to avoid any chances of infection
  • The surgeon mark the area(s) from where fat is to be eliminated
  • Anesthesia is then administered to the region
  • Once numbed, the doctor makes a small cut through which a probe is entered
  • Through the probe, ultrasound energy is emitted that breaks down the fatty tissues and melts them
  • These are then removed using a fine hollow cannula
  • The incision is then sutured and bandaged

Aftercare and Recovery:

Post-op care instructions are given to the patient to achieve desired results. A compression cloth is given that is to be worn on the treated area(s). This is worn to control the swelling and to reshape the treated area. The incision may be itchy, but the patient is to strictly avoid scratching as it can affect the healing and the results as well.

The recovery period after Vaser-Hi Definition LipoSculpture in Abu Dhabi is about a month. However, the patient is to take only a week or two off from work to rest and heal. In a few weeks, the patient can get back to their normal routine.

Side Effects:

  • The treated region is swollen that takes a couple of weeks to recede
  • There is discomfort in wearing a compression cloth on the treated area
  • There is a risk of infection on the treated sites
  • If carried out by an inexperienced surgeon, there is a possibility of asymmetric results


The average cost of High Definition Liposculpture in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ranges from AED 7000 to AED 15,000. The cost depends on the number of fats to be removed, the complexity of the surgery, and the doctor’s experience and qualification. The final cost is determined by the doctor after the initial appointment.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the procedure are long-lasting. This is because the fats removed are permanent with no chances of their return. However, the results depend on how well the patient maintains their weight. If the patient gains weight in the future, there are chances that the treated region may gain fats as well.

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