Lipomatic Treatment in Abu Dhabi khalifa City & Al Ain Cost & Price

The troubled fat pockets on different parts of the body are often a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. These unwanted fats make a person look disfigured. An individual often has to think a thousand times before getting a new dress as they often look for the fittings that could hide their insecurities away. These fats are often not affected by intensive workouts and even having a balanced diet. Such individuals can get professional help to eliminate the undesirable fats and can also use these fat cells in the areas they want. The Lipomatic Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is the safest and most effective way to remove the fatty tissues.


The treatment aims to reshape the body by taking out the fatty tissues that are unnecessary and unwanted. The desired figure is reshaped enhancing the appearance of the individual. The excess fat is removed from the problem areas and compressed cloth is worn to reshape the treated area into the desired shape.

Results of Lipomatic Treatment:

The treatment results in the removal of the excess fat from parts of the body that are otherwise unaffected by workouts and having a balanced diet. It reshapes the body figure by taking out large amounts of unwanted fats from different areas.


  • It is effective in removing large amounts of fatty tissues from the body
  • By removing the fats it helps in reshaping the body into the desired figure
  • The fat removed can be transferred to the preferred area of the body
  • The tissue damage in this procedure is comparatively very less as compared to traditional liposuction
  • The results are more uniform and long-lasting
  • It enhances the confidence and self-esteem of a person by improving their body figure
  • This treatment can be combined with other treatments to provide even better results

Ideal Candidate:

  • A medically fit candidate who is mentally ready for the treatment
  • Somebody with enough body fats to be removed
  • A person who wants to reshape their figure
  • Anybody tired of exercising and eating a balanced diet but still cannot get rid of stubborn fat pockets
  • Somebody who does not suffer from any serious medical condition that can be affected by or can affect the treatment
  • An individual who is not on any blood-thinning medication and does not smoke

How Does It Work?

Lipomatic Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain works by manually removing the fats from problem areas permanently without any risk of their return. A device is used that breaks the fats using ultraviolet waves. This broken fat is then removed from the body through the process of suctioning.


In the first consultation, the surgeon discusses the problem areas with the patient and addresses any concerns they might have regarding the treatment. The medical history is then reviewed to make sure the patient does not suffer from any serious medical condition that may be aggravated by the treatment. The doctor also carries out blood tests to confirm if the patient is ideal for the treatment.  Physical examination is also performed to check the problem areas.

Once the initial checkup is complete, the surgeon plans a customized treatment according to the patient’s current condition and expectations from the procedure. To prepare for the surgery, a list of instructions is given to the patient to be followed. The candidate is to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements as it increases the risk of bleeding during the surgery. Smoking is also to be avoided for days before and after the surgery.


The average time taken for the surgery is around two to three hours.

  • On the day of surgery, the fat to be removed is first calculated.
  • Then the surgeon marks the area being treated from where fat is to be eliminated
  • The region is then numbed using local anesthesia or the patient is given general anesthesia.
  • The choice of anesthesia depends on the surgeon and the patient’s choice
  • Once numbed, the surgeon starts the procedure by making an incision
  • Through the incision, a device is penetrated that breaks down fats and melts them by using low-frequency ultra-violet waves
  • The device contains sensors that only target the fat tissues thereby reducing the risk of organ damage
  • This broken fat is then removed using the process of suctioning
  • The incision is then sutured and the area is bandaged

Aftercare and Recovery:

To achieve desired results the candidate needs to take good post-op care and follow all the instructions given by the surgeon.

  • The patient is to wear a compressed cloth for 2 weeks for the reshaping of the treated area.
  • If the patient wants to take a bath, they should wait for at least a day after the surgery.
  • The candidate needs to stay at the hospital for one day after the procedure
  • Intensive exercises are to be avoided for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • A balanced diet should be taken with less salt and oil.

The recovery period of the treatment when compared to the traditional liposuction procedure is very short. In about two weeks the patient is allowed to go back to their normal routine. The swelling and pain usually fade away by that time. The bruising, if any, also goes down in this period. And in one week, the individual can go back to work.

Side Effects:

The procedure has some common side effects just like any other surgical treatment. These can however be avoided if the surgeon chosen for the treatment is skilled and experienced. Some of the side effects include

  • The risk of infection on the site of treatment if not taken care of properly
  • Swelling on the treated region for a few days or a week
  • Bruising that can last for a few weeks before it completely fades away
  • There may be temporary numbness in the treated area


The average cost of the Lipomatic Treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 2500 to AED 4500. The actual cost depends on the size of the area being treated and the amount of fat to be removed. It also depends on the use of anesthesia by the surgeon. The final cost of the surgery is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation.

How Long Does the Healing Process Take?

The healing period after the procedure is only about two weeks maximum. In this period the swelling and bruising on the treated area go down and the pain also fades away.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the surgery are permanent and last for a lifetime. The fats removed do not return. However, the maintenance of the figure depends on how well the person maintains their weight. If the candidate gains weight after the surgery the fat is likely to return to the problem areas.

How Is It Different From Liposuction?

Though both the treatments work to remove excess fats from different areas of the body, the method of treatment in both cases is completely different. This treatment uses low-frequency UV waves to break up and melt the fat which is then suctioned using a fine cannula.

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