Palate Repair Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cleft Palate Surgery

Some babies may be born with deformities in their upper lip and palate. This is called cleft lip or palate and may be due to genetic reasons. However, the actual reason for a cleft palate or lip is unknown. This deformity can be addressed by the Palate Repair Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain performed by highly qualified and experienced surgeons. There are several surgeries that last until the child is around 16 or 17 years of age.

Essence of Treatment:

The treatment aims to repair the gap in the upper part of the mouth. This helps in speech as otherwise, the child is not able to speak with the deformity of the palate. It thus improves the functioning of the mouth and also its appearance.


The surgery results in the repairing of a cleft palate. The deformity of the cleft results in problems in speech. The surgery helps the baby in speech. The results of the procedure are successful and are effective in repairing the roof of the mouth.

Ideal Candidate:

  • The surgery is performed on kids whose lips are separated due to deformity
  • A baby who is healthy enough to undergo the surgery
  • A child with no other medical condition during birth
  • A kid with an ideal development and growing weight
  • A baby with a cleft lip and palate


In the initial detailed discussion of Palate Repair Abu Dhabi, the doctor discusses the child’s current condition, health history, growth, diet, etc. The doctor may also prescribe blood tests and take a physical examination of the baby to make sure the baby is healthy enough for the surgery. A list of instructions is given to the baby’s parents to prepare the child for the surgery.

Any type of blood-thinning medications and vitamin supplements are not to be given to the child as they can cause excess bleeding during the surgery and may also affect the healing process.

Before the surgery, the baby should not be fed for four to six hours.


There are several surgeries carried out from birth to 16 or 17 years of age. These surgeries fix the deformities of the lip and palate. The first surgery is carried out in the first few years after the birth of the child.

  • During the surgery, first, the surgeon gives general anesthesia to the baby so that the child does not feel any discomfort and the surgeon can perform the surgery without any movements by the baby
  • After the baby falls asleep a device is kept in the baby’s mouth to keep it open
  • To repair the palate, the surgeon makes incisions on both ends of the cleft.
  • The bony and muscular part of the upper part of the inner mouth is made to reposition to close the gap
  • This repositioning is then sutured by the use of stitches that are either dissolvable or removable.
  • The stitches are in the shape of a “z” as it helps the child in their speech

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the Palate Repair Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, the child may feel some discomfort and pain which is normal. Pain medications are given to help avoid the discomfort.

  • The roof of the mouth may be swelled and blood around stitches for the first few days. In up to seven days the stitches are removed or dissolved
  • The patient is given antibiotic medications for the prevention of infection
  • The child is to be fed using a catheter as long as the kid cannot drink properly
  • Arms restraints are also to be worn by the baby so that he does not touch the site of treatment

The recovery usually takes about a month. The recovery varies from individual to individual and it depends on how healthy the baby is. Stitches are also removed in a week.

Side Effects:

  • Risks related to general anesthesia
  • There are also chances of bleeding during the surgery
  • If not taken care of properly, there is a risk of infection
  • Slow healing in unhealthy babies
  • The need for revision surgery

Cost of Palate Repair Abu Dhabi:

The Average cost of Palate Repair Surgery in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 15000 to AED 35000. The actual cost depends on the type, complexity of the surgery, and the surgeon’s qualification and experience. The final cost is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation.

Insurance Coverage:

The treatment is usually covered by the insurance companies as it is an important medical treatment that would otherwise have an impact on the health of the individual. Insurance providers should however be contacted to confirm the coverage of the treatment.

How Long Does The Surgery Last?

The surgical operation on the palate lasts for around two hours. It also depends on the complexity of the surgery and may take extra time if the surgery is complicated.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the surgery are permanent and last for a lifetime. However, with time as the child grows, revision surgeries may be required. These are explained in detail by the surgeon during the initial consultation.

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