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Humans function as they breathe. A perfectly functioning and aesthetically projected nose is crucial to the life and beauty of a person. Any kind of internal malfunction or external disjuncture could hurt a person’s ability to live a healthy life. It also impacts the overall mien of a person.  Lucky are the ones blessed with a perfect-looking and functioning nose. However, if there is a problem with a person’s nose, they need not worry. A simple procedure can take care of this. Best Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is the treatment that addresses all the concerns of the nose improving its appearance and functioning altogether.

What is Rhinoplasty?

It is a procedure that addresses the skeleton of the nose primarily, i.e. both the cartilage and the bone.  It is either carried out through open or closed procedures. The essence of these procedures is however the same, both deal with reshaping the nose.

It also addresses the issues of breathing along with cosmetic concerns. Cosmetic concerns like a wide nose, a bump of the nose, crooked nose, bulbous tip, wide tip, or a deviated nose, are addressed. The nose can be deviated due to the tip cartilage or often due to the actual bones being deviated. This procedure also increases or decreases the size of the nose. All the portions of the nose are addressed to deal with all these issues.

Before & After Results of Nose Reshaping:

For the first few weeks, or could be months as well, after the procedure, the patient will experience some swelling on and around the nose. It takes months to finally see the final results as is it a slow process and it takes time for the nose to fullnpny develop. After complete recovery, the results can be noticed on the face in the shape of a well-defined and beautifully contoured nose.

Best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi Rhinoplasty, Nose Reshaping in Abu Dhabi Best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

What Should You Know Before Getting A Nose Job?

  • Rhinoplasty results look better over time Best
  • Have practical assumptions.
  • Choose the right practitioner.
  • The individual should be a non-smoker.
  • The health of the contender should be good.
  • Rhinoplasty can repair a broken nose, treating snoring, allowing breathing, and so much more.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate for the nose job is:

  • A person with realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Candidate with adult-sized noses hence teenagers are not ideal candidates for the procedure
  • Somebody with a visible nose deformity that needs correction that a surgeon can spot and the patient can easily identify
  • A patient okay with the whole procedure, the treatment, the risks involved, and the recovery period
  • An individual with no allergic reaction to general anesthesia
  • An otherwise medically and psychologically fit individual
  • A patient with breathing difficulty to correct the functional issues

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain works by reshaping the nose and getting rid of any deformities of the nose. It also improves functioning by augmenting the nose. It enhances the appearance of a person by making visible changes to the most important feature of the face.


In the initial stage of the treatment, the surgeon first starts with a detailed discussion with the patient. In this, the patient discusses their concerns and issues with the doctor and also tells them about their expectations from the treatment. Then the surgeon performs a thorough physical and mental examination of the patient to make sure they are eligible for the procedure. An X-ray of the nose may also be asked by the doctor in the initial examinations.

If a patient suffers from any underlying medical condition, he is asked for medical clearance from their doctor. The patient is then given various options of the methods to carry out the surgery. After deciding the best method for the treatment, the surgeon moves to the next step in preparing the patient for the surgery.

The doctor gives a list of instructions to follow before the procedure so that any kind of complications can be avoided. If the candidate is on any blood thinners, they are asked to stop taking them for a few days before and after the surgery. Spicy foods are also to be avoided. It is also suggested to bring someone along during the day of the surgery.

What is the Procedure?

This is a clinical procedure performed by a highly trained and experienced surgeon. There are a number of ways the surgery can be carried out depending on the requirements and the condition of the patient. First, the skin is numbed with local anesthesia or if the surgery is to be performed under general anesthesia, the patient is made to sleep.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Abu Dhabi starts by placing pledgets into the nose that are meant to decongest it and reduce the bleeding and also to create more openings in the nose. After this, the incisions are made in which either cartilage or bone is removed or reshaped. Grafts may also be placed into the nose in order to increase, decrease or reshape it.

After the inner work is complete, the incision is then closed and sutured up. Splints are used on the outside and some on the inside. The sutures and splints are removed after a week. The whole surgery may take around 3 to 4 hours to execute. The patient may also have to stay for the night at the hospital.

The methods to carry out the surgery are:

  • Open Nose Surgery:

    In this method, an incision is made on the outside of the nose and it is opened. The skin of the nose is flipped up and the nasal skeleton is visible.

  • Closed Nose Surgery:

    The incisions in this type of surgery are all made on the inside and are internal. On the outside, there is no sign of the surgery.

  • Revision Surgery:

    Once the procedure is complete, there may be a need to do the surgery again due to any reason. This is basically a revision of the original surgery to fix any issues the patient might face.

  • Liquid Procedure:

    In this method, injections are used to reshape the nose and fix any deformity in its appearance.

  • Septoplasty:

    This procedure is carried out to address breathing issues. It deals with the cartilage of the septum which is the wall that separates the nasal airways. In cases where it has deviated, it is fixed through surgery.

Types of the Rhinoplasty/Nose Jobs:

There are a number of types of nose jobs available that deals with different issues.

  • Traditional: In this type, the focus is only on the appearance of the nose. It is carried out for aesthetic reasons.
  • Functional: The functioning of the nose is addressed in this type of surgery. It is carried out for medical reasons to enhance the functioning of the nose.
  • Ethnic: This is carried out for cosmetic reasons as well. However, the target patients belong to certain races. Their noses are reformed taking into consideration specific features.

Aftercare and Recovery:

It is very important to take proper aftercare in order to heal properly and to achieve effective results. It is also important so that any complications can be avoided during the healing process. The post-care instructions are to be followed by the patient.

One of the most important instructions to follow is to avoid blowing the nose as it can affect the healing and may cause complications. Smoking and heavy lifting should also be avoided as they can greatly impact the recovery.

In order to control and recede the swelling around the nose and eyes, cold presses are advised to be applied to the swelled area. The patient may also feel some irritation for the first few weeks. The surgeon may also provide some ointment to apply to the bruises around the nose and eyes.

Complete recovery will take around 3 to 5 months but the patient can return to work in a week. However, the time taken for the nose to completely refine can take about one year.

Can You Breathe Through Nose After The Surgery?

The patient might initially feel some nasal congestion after the treatment. This is due to the swelling that blocks the airways of the nose. As the swelling fades away after a few weeks, it becomes easier to breathe comfortably through the nose. During that time, the patient can breathe through the mouth.

Pros & Cons:


Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi has a number of benefits and helps address a number of issues of the nose.

  • It is a safe procedure if carried out by a trained and an experienced surgeon
  • It gives a new appearance to the nose
  • It helps to correct any problems related to breathing
  • The overall facial appearance of a person is improved
  • The size of the nose can be altered i.e. small noses can be enhanced and big noses can be reduced in size.
  • Makes the nose straight and removes any humps on the nose
  • It is also known to improve the quality of sleep of the person
  • It makes a person a lot more confident of their appearance and improves a person’s self-esteem
  • It helps elevate the problem of the sinus in the recipient


  • There’s a risk of infection after the procedure
  • Some people may have a negative reaction to the general anesthesia
  • The recovery can be uncomfortable
  • A person may need a re-correction surgery
  • There can be some complications in breathing right after the procedure
  • Risk of bleeding if not taken care of properly

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Abu Dhabi UAE:

Rhinoplasty Cost in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ranges from AED 18,000 to AED 30,000. The surgeon determines the cost of the procedure after a complete examination of the patient and a detailed discussion about their expectation.  Depending on the patient’s requirements and needs, the surgeon suggests the treatment methods which then determine the cost of the procedure. The surgeon’s experience and the clinical level also affect the procedure charges.

Interest-Free Financing:

We are offering the treatment of Rhinoplasty with 100% financing and a 0% rate of interest, which means now you do not need to worry about the heavy prices that will empty your pockets. To know more about the offer give us a call.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Complete recovery may take several months, however, after that the results of the treatment are long-lasting and permanent. It may take around a year for the nose to completely reform due to the natural healing process.

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