Silicone Nose Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cost & Price

Many people experience troubled nasal aviation routes or they don’t like how their nose appears or is projected on the face. Different surgical and non-surgical procedures are available to treat this issue. However, none provides a permanent and harmless solution. In this context, Silicone Nose Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain produces extraordinary results. In this procedure, silicone products are implanted inside the nose to alter the shape or overall structure of the nose.

About Silicone Implants:

The procedure aims to reshape the nose by improving its slope and enhancing its tip. Silicone Implants are placed in the nose to enhance the projection of the otherwise a flat nose.  This is done by inserting implants through the base of the nose so that no scarring is visible once the wound is healed.


The surgery results in an elevated nose with an improved appearance. These results last for a lifetime unless removed due to any reason. The results can immediately be seen after the surgery however, the final results may take over a year to be fully visible as it takes time for the nose to form a new shape.

Ideal Candidate:

  • A medically fit candidate who does not suffer from any serious health conditions
  • Somebody with realistic expectations from the procedure
  • A mentally prepared person who knows what they want i.e. a surgical solution to a small nose
  • An individual who is not comfortable with how their nose appears
  • A person who does not smoke and is not taking any blood-thinning medications

How Does Silicone Nose Job Work?

During this surgical procedure, incisions are carried out within the nasal cavity, and nostrils are separated through cuts. These incisions provide the practitioners enough space to implant fabricated silicon that is designed according to the internal anatomy of the nose.


The surgeon and the patient discuss the problem areas, goals, and expectations from the surgery in the initial consultation. Medical history is reviewed by the doctor and a physical examination is taken to make sure the patient is ideal for the procedure. The details of the treatment are then given to the patient so that the patient knows what they are getting themselves into.

Once the initial checkup is complete, the doctor plans a customized treatment according to the patient’s requirements and expectations. A list of instructions is then given to the patient to prepare them for the surgery.

The patient is to stop taking any blood-thinning medications or supplements and with these the risk of bleeding during the surgery increases. The patient is also to stop smoking for days before and after treatment as it affects the healing process.


The Silicone Nose Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is either performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia depends on the doctor and the patient.

  • The site of surgery is first disinfected and cleaned to avoid any risk of infection
  • The surgeon then marks the nose and administers anesthesia
  • Once the nose is numbed or the patient goes to sleep due to general anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision under the nose on the narrow tissue that separates both the nostrils
  • The skin is then lifted to provide space for the surgeon to insert the implant and reshape the nose
  • The implant is inserted in such a way that the results look natural and the implant cannot be distinguished from the nasal bone
  • The incision is then closed using removable or dissolvable stitches
  • The nose is then bandaged and splints may be used to support it.

Aftercare and Recovery:

A list of post-op care instructions is given to the patient to make sure proper healing takes place and the results are desirable.

  • The patient is advised not to scratch or blow their nose as it can affect the healing process and the results as well
  • The medications given are to be taken at the prescribed timings
  • Heavy lifting and intensive exercise is also to be avoided for the first week
  • To control the swelling ice packs may be advised to apply to the swelled area

The wound healing takes about a month or two. Swelling may take more time to recede. However, the patient can get back to work after a week of the surgery and can get to a normal routine in about two to three weeks.

Benefits & Side Effects:

Silicone Nose Surgery in Abu Dhabi has the following benefits and side effects.


  • The surgery results in an improved shape of the nose
  • The appearance of the person is enhanced with an improved appearance of the nose
  • The self-esteem and confidence of a person are boosted
  • The results of the surgery are long-lasting and last for a lifetime
  • The surgery is very effective in providing the desired results
  • The results are natural-looking
  • The surgery provides satisfactory results if carried out by an experienced surgeon

Side Effects:

  • There is swelling on the nose after the surgery
  • The healing of the wound may be slow depending on the healing of the patient
  • There is a risk of infection and bruising around the nose
  • There are chances of bleeding during and after the surgery

Cost of Silicone Nose Surgery Abu Dhabi:

The average cost of Silicone Nose Surgery in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 5000 to AED 10,000. The actual cost depends on the type and complexity of the surgery. The final cost is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation.

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