Ceramic Braces for Teeth Straightening in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

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This can be an amazing choice for individuals who are seeking the rectification of the problems with crowded, crooked, or teeth that are not lined up. If any contender is shy about how they appear while wearing the normal  braces then these are the best options as they are not much visible to others because of their translucent or tooth-colored nature.


Ceramic Braces in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain are braces that are normal & utilize the same process to straighten the teeth, but rather than colors of metal, they are ceramic, white, or occasionally plastic that is durable. These braces are a bit more costly than the braces that are generic that have been around for a great time.

A Little More:

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, these braces deliver a considerate procedure for complex malocclusion that transparent aligners might not be able to provide due to the selection of the candidate for a more severe method for various reasons. These are created to be the same as strong as metallic braces but they are not much visible due to the Brace’s color & structure.


The consequences of Ceramic Braces in Abu Dhabi will be variable on many elements for instance the density of the bone, misalignment complexity, and age. The individual will be able to observe the alteration in a month or two.

Varying on the plan of the process, the individual will be prepared to eliminate the braces after a few months, anyhow, it is usual for the clients to wear them for approximately 2 years to rectify the straightening completely. 


There are several advantages of Teeth braces in Abu Dhabi, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • Ceramic braces do not interfere with test signals.
  • These are more effective while transparent aligners are a fantastic choice for metal braces, as ceramic braces take a short time, usually 2 to 3 years.
  • They are highly aesthetic as their color or shade of them is almost identical to the teeth.
  • They are present in various colors & different white shades, this permits the candidate to show them or hide the shade of the teeth.
  • Matte finishing is achieved to get a more invisible & natural look.
  • Able to fit any smile without distraction.


  • They are a bit expensive.
  • Might cause sensitivity of the gum.
  • Less durable.
  • A bit slower to line up the teeth.
  • Discoloration of wires.

Ideal Candidate: 

According to Enfield Royal Clinic, the candidate is best if they are having or observing the below situations:

  • Decay of the tooth.
  • The disease of the gum.
  • Issues while speaking or chewing.
  • Enhanced wear to enamel.
  • Jaw issues.
  • Loss of the tooth.
  • Appealing to have a faster solution.
  • Not suitable for clients who play contact sports.
  • Not great for individuals who intake food that contains caffeine. 

How to Prepare? 

As per the Best Orthodontist in Abu Dhabi, below are a few tips that are essential to be followed in order to attain optimal outcomes.

  • Regular cleaning & checkups.
  • Take care of cavities or fillings.
  • Brush thrice a day.
  • Floss prior to the appointment.
  • Refrain from chewing hard food.
  • Prevent from surgery products.


On the day of installation of the Teeth braces in Abu Dhabi, the dental expert will examine the situation of the teeth and be assured they are clean & perfect for braces. In the next step, ceramic brackets will be connected to every tooth with a high-strength, bonding adhesive will be designed to maintain the brackets in pace and are tooth-friendly.

The expert will usually fix the braces to the molars back with metallic bands. These bands will fit around your teeth & are also glued with adhesives. The duration of the method will take about 2 hours, the candidate will observe pressure as the dentist will work but the great part of the method is that it is free of pain and comparatively fast.

Recommendation to Take care:

According to the experts of Enfield Royal Clinic, proper care is required not only to maintain the color of the structure but to follow the rules given by the dental expert to preserve the health of the teeth. A few more tips to follow are mentioned below:

  • Multi-directional bristles are recommended to utilize to eliminate the debris of food & plaque from the places that are difficult to reach under the braces.
  • Refrain from eating such foods or drinking such beverages that might stain the braces.
  • Remove hard food from the diet to refrain from damaging the system.
  • Prevent exposure to the site of severe heat, which will impact negatively the condition of the braces.
  • It is vital to visit the dental surgeon regularly to observe the dramatic alterations.


The standard Dental braces Cost in Abu Dhabi varies from AED 7000 to AED 15000. There are a few additional factors that will affect the charges of the treatment for instance the fee of the dental expert, braces type, reputation & locality of the clinic, elimination of caries, and hygienic cleaning. The actual cost of installation will be decided at the initial meeting with the doctor.

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