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Are Damon Braces for you? Obviously! If you want a Perfect catchy smile!

Having protruding and outward teeth is embarrassing and arise other health issues that may be about eating and perfect bite. Everyone wants to get them treated so that they can get an attractive and aesthetic smile. These braces method is becoming popular among different people around the globe as they are reasonable and effective. A lot of people go for Damon Braces System in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and they are making their smile attractive. You can also get the treatment after reading the page given below!

What are Damon Braces?

These braces are not only involved in the alignment of teeth but work to get healthy straight teeth. The health of teeth is also the main concern of these braces. 

Restoration of beautiful attractive smiles and straightening at the same time are the functions of these Damon braces. These are lightweight and cause their effects slowly and gradually by understanding the body’s immune system and recovering power. They are smooth and soft on teeth and do not cause irritation. These are designed to restrict the storage of debris in them which was not the characteristics of that traditional braces.


The outcome will be straight aligned teeth and a smile that would attract people. The effect of results remains permanently. You will get the results you want. You will have a completely different appearance after getting the treatment. The expertise in applying these braces also decides the outcomes.

Damon Braces Pros and Cons:


Different advantages can be gained after the treatment. These benefits are as follows:

  • Fast and easy procedure
  • Smooth and gentle
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Less dental visits
  • Easy to clean and floss
  • No plaque accumulation
  • Non- visible 
  • Painless treatment


  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Redness maybe

Types of Damon Braces:

  • Damon Q Metal Braces (allow easiness in expanding process)
  • Damon Clear Ceramic Braces ( These are different from others as they are made up of ceramics and provide a tooth-colored appearance)
  • Damon 3 Self-Ligating Braces ( the braces are placed on teeth without elastic bands and hence provide more movement for teeth)
  • Damon 3MX ( its made up of metal that is resistant to stain and provides faster effects)

Damon System Braces Vs Traditional Braces:

Damon braces are made with more focus & consideration so that the teeth do not get irritated because of their application. So, they are obviously better to apply as compared to the customary braces. To get the concept of their difference you have to read the next few lines properly.

In traditional braces, the elastics that are involved in the connection of wires and brackets are tight and hard in teeth as compared to Damon Braces System. Also, the mechanism of untangling the teeth is different for both braces. The props that are traditional and work by old techniques cause friction and more irritation but the Damon Braces System in Abu Dhabi is the arrangement of teeth by using natural phenomena.

How the Method is Carried Out?

To begin the therapy the physicians will provide a full examination of the oral cavity to check the situation of the teeth and which type of therapy is required for the patient. If teeth look healthy then the Damon braces will be seated on the teeth after applying an adhesive to the teeth. The selection of braces will be done first and then the process proceed. The dentist will adjust these mounts on teeth properly with the help of an instrument. Then after that, a metal wire will be inserted between the braces and the clips of the braces will be closed to make a tight connection between the braces and the wire. Then the mouth will get cleaned and extra glue will be removed from around the braces. The overall time period for the braces adjustment is about an hour or less.

After Care:

You will need to do visits for checkups after every 2 or 3 months. To clean the braces you need to do extra effort patients should come to the clinic for their cleaning as the food we eat gets deposited into them and impact oral hygiene. 

  • Do proper cleaning by brushing and flossing every day
  • Do not consume alcohol too much as it will affect the color of the braces
  • Avoid taking hard food and caffeine
  • Do regular checkups
  • Use mouthwash and fresheners 
  • Utilize special brushes to brush your teeth 

Fee for the Procedure:

The price for the Damon Braces System in Abu Dhabi is around AED 8000 TO AED 28000. The Damon system braces fee can be altered depending on the standard of the clinic, site of the clinic, kind of braces that are being utilized, materials utilized, number of sessions, and cleanings. The dentist will decide on the final fee for a specific patient after having the first consultation with the patient.

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Enfield Royal Clinic is working to bring the desired smile to the faces of its patients so that they can leave the clinic with full confidence and a happy face. You will be provided with the designs for braces so you can pick up your desired one. Our dentist will provide the best treatments and will handle the process properly. The overall process will be carried out according to the specifications of the patient. Get a free appointment and know about Damon Braces System in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain by talking with our dentists!


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