Esthetic Bridge in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Bridge Cost UAE


Esthetic Bridge in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is a prosthetic structure to fill the gap that is left by a tooth that is missing. A bridge is formed by utilizing a mixture of both porcelain fused that is connected to metal or zirconium. Zirconium provides more power & a look that is natural as compared to porcelain connected to metal.

Dental Bridge:

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, if any candidate is having a tooth that is missing, involving the front teeth, a dental bridge can ease and reinstate the appearance & operation of the teeth. It fills the space where the tooth is absent. Moreover, the appearance is like a bridge & has two supports. The most prominent perks are the perfect esthetics and effective reconditioning of the function of chewing. 

The objective of the Procedure:

The objective of the method is to reinstate the following:

  • Reinstate the function of chewing & spoken.
  • More than one tooth is missing.
  • Improve the cosmetic appearance of the smile.
  • Refrain from the removal of teeth that are healthy close to the gap.
  • Permits the accurate allocation of the force of the bite on the teeth.


The consequences of the Esthetic Bridge in Abu Dhabi are amazing as the physical look of the teeth is reinstated and the candidate will attain a more pleasing and radiant smile. This will further ease the candidate to speak and chew accurately while maintaining the shape of the face properly. 

How Long do the Results Last?

Usually, as per our experts, they expect that the bridges that are fixed will stay for up to 15 to 30 years. This will further vary from candidate to candidate, the situation & health, rest of the mouth, and the quality of the candidate’s oral hygiene & long-term maintenance.

The Pros & Cons:

The Pros The Cons
Fast transformation. Fixing issues.
Long usefulness. Elimination of nerve.
Does not complicate chewing. Soreness.
Affordable price. May get loose.
The smile is restored.

Best Candidate: 

There is a criteria for the candidates as per Enfield Royal Clinic to be the best individuals:

  • Function of chewing is damaged.
  • The spoken function is impacted.
  • The appearance of the smile is ruined.
  • Cosmetic soreness is created.

Types of Dental Bridges:

Presently, there is the potential for making dental bridges, the types of dental bridges include:


There are a few steps that are taken prior to the treatment, they are as follows:

  • Turning of dentine.
  • Elimination of the nerve.
  • Refilling of the canal.
  • Canal filling.
  • Placement of implant.
  • Formation of gingival contour.
  • Abutment fixation.

Stages of Installing: 


The dental expert will evaluate the design on its position, color, and clarity, the fitting on the gum, and the barrier. If any defects or soreness are detected, the prosthesis is accustomed in place & is fixed for a short period with cement.


The candidates will visit the clinic for confirmation, after that the dental expert will modify the prosthesis according to the feeling of the client & connects it to the cement that is permanent.

Aftercare and Recovery: 

To prolong the duration of the results, the dental surgeon will suggest:

  • After having food, brush your teeth instantly.
  • At least once or twice a day floss your teeth.
  • Utilize antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Refrain from eating hard food.
  • Avoid drinking & smoking.
  • Visit the dental surgeon periodically.
  • Refrain from food that will cause factors of risk for the decay of tooth.

Food to Avoid:

Food that is hard will acquire proper pressure to destroy them, and so this pressure will destroy the structure of the bridge & a substitute of the bridge will be acquired. So it is recommended by the dentist to refrain from food after completion of the process like chips, toffee, carrots, etc.


The charges of Esthetic Bridge in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain varies from AED 2000 to AED 12000. The actual cost of the method will be decided at the initial meeting with the doctor as there are a few other components that will affect the fee of the methodology for instance the expertise of the dentist, the technique used, the reputation & locality of the clinic, severity of the condition, and other expenses.

Why Choose us!

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we have got the most durable & aesthetically perfect that blends with your natural teeth. Our location has delivered the highest level of dentistry with amazing reviews of the candidates. The installation is very swift, effective, and cost-effective. If any individual has any further concerns, then feel free to reach our experts and get rid of the issue you are going through. So pick up the phone, and avail of the amazing perks.