Headgear Treatment In Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Orthodontic Headgear

Having unaligned teeth makes you feel shy and affect your confidence level. Also, having such teeth shape affects your oral health and chewing capability. Such problems are common in children and they are treated with different devices. The implements that will be utilized for the alignment of teeth will be decided by the doctor. One of the techniques used to straighten the teeth in Enfield Royal Clinic is headgear. This methodology is commonly used in children having uneven teeth. Our Headgear Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain will treat your smiling and oral issues.

What is Headgear?

To properly align and deal with the uneven teeth and lifted jaws the devices that are utilized are called headgears. These devices apply pressure on the teeth in respective directions to properly arrange and align the teeth. The headgear are typically utilized for treating children as they are in their growing age and it’s easy to amend their teeth with headgear.


They have proven successful in aligning the teeth of people from different age groups. The gaps in the middle of the teeth are eliminated through the therapy also the mandibles come in proper shape. The effects of the treatment are permanent and rely on the skills of the physician.

Kinds of Headgear:

There are three kinds of headgear:


The type of headgear that is U-shaped and in which the cord or the string is connected to the band placed on the teeth and they both connected with the tie hanged on the neck. This kind of headgear is usually utilized to treat upper teeth and treat spacing between the teeth.


It is in comparison with the cervical headgear but the difference b/w the two is their shape and binding structure. In high pull, the string is linked to the braces on the teeth but the bands are wrapped on the back and on the head.


This kind of force is applied on teeth that are in a state of malocclusion however shows the condition of “underbite”. This pull applies pressure on them in an outward direction to promote the movement of the teeth in the forwarding direction. In this way, the upper teeth become equal.

Parts of The Headgear:

The headgear consists of the following components:

  • Fitting bands
  • Facebow
  • Braces
  • Tubes
  • Head cap
  • Chin up


To understand the benefits of Headgear Treatment In Abu Dhabi you can have a look below!

  • treat large gaps
  • move out the extra inward teeth
  • enhance the alignment of teeth
  • Reduce and do spacing where needed
  • Hold on to the mandibles in place and allow the other to grow
  • Accurate underbite by putting pressure in certain trends

Treat the problems of food stuck in the middle of the teeth due to the gaps, which will improve the chewing ability of the individual.

Duration Required for the Whole Process?

The duration requires to do the whole procedure is short. After the procedure, the patient will put on the headgear for twelve to twenty-two hours a day. The overall time required to complete the whole treatment is 1.5 years. The processing span will be delayed if the patent is not putting the equipment on the teeth for almost 10 to 12 hours.

How to Utilize it?

The headgear are usually removed when at home and doing a task. But when the time period required to wear the headgears are once met you will be at ease and after that, you can remove them. These devices should not be worn when you are doing sports, eating something, or being involved in complex chores. While drinking and using a straw in your mouth will not affect the headgear.


Before the actual treatment starts the patient will be examined by the doctor to check whether the treatment is right for the particular person.

The candidate should clean the teeth properly before the treatment.

Don’t eat or drink at least two hours before the treatment.


The physician will perform teeth cleaning before the actual remedy start and X-rays will be done if required. A cotton pad will be inserted in the mouth to absorb the water and fluid. After that, the braces will be applied to the teeth, for which the teeth will first be applied by gum and then the braces are placed by connecting the wires together. Finally, the headgear will be connected with rounds present on the mouth with a wire and the strap will be hung on the back of the neck.


After the procedure is done, you might feel some soreness or irritation as something new is introduced into your mouth but the uncomfortability is temporary and you will come out of this situation after some hours. You will require to do visits for adjustments.


Fee required for Headgear Treatment in Abu Dhabi variates from AED 2000 TO AED 2999. The price for the treatment can differ counting on different factors like the size of the clinic, expertise, and credentials of the doctors, the intricacy of the treatment, standard of the clinic, and demands of the doctor. The final decision about the cost will be done by the doctor after the examination.

Why Choose us?

We are here to provide you with the best results. This is a sensitive treatment so we take care of its sensitivity while doing the headgear setup in a patients mouth as we believe that your safety is our priority. We ensure that we are providing the treatments at reasonable prices so everyone can afford. Our doctors are all well qualified and are performing these treatments from a time.

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