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Teeth overlapping refers to a typical type of issue that impacts smile alignment. This is an issue where specific teeth overlap or are located in front of the bordering teeth on the same dental arch. And so this will usually impact the most visible ones in the smile of the candidate.


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This will Direct to:

  • Shy to show your mouth & smile.
  • Feel embarrassed while talking.
  • Observe difficulty in speaking & eating.
  • Awkwardly pronounce letters.
  • Observing pain in the jaw.
  • Observing headache.
  • A bad breath.
  • Teeth happen to wear out earlier that are overlapping.
  • Teeth that are not aligned usually make simple actions difficult for instance chewing.
  • Grinding of teeth & clenching may be promoted which will cause more problems for the dental.
  • Difficulty in cleaning teeth.
  • The candidate may have to breathe with the mouth rather than the nose.


The outcome will be visible as the candidate will be able to observe the Overlapping Front Teeth Before and After the method. The teeth that are not lined up & curved are reinstated to a place where they fit flawlessly with the other neighboring teeth. The main objective of the method is to make a gap for the ones that are misaligned & permit all of them to occur accurately lined up. 


There are numerous advantages of the method, a few of them are mentioned below:


Before the method, it is essential to follow the recommendations of the doctor prior to the therapy to attain optimal results.

  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Prevent drinking.
  • Keep your mouth clean.


If any individual is seeking keys to fix overlaying teeth whether they are front or underneath, anyhow, the below mentioned are the widely utilized procedures.

  • Braces: This is one of the successful ways to fix the issue of overlaying. There are numerous kinds of available braces from traditional metallic braces to lingual braces that are connected to the back of the teeth. Going under this therapy can align the teeth & terminate the over layed ones. The procedure with traditional orthodontics includes the connection of braces & wire to the teeth, they are tightened to line up the teeth & rectify the alignment. The length of the procedure will be variable on the condition & harshness of the difficulty with the alignment & overlap.

  • Invisalign: They are the most recommended process of orthodontics for repairing teeth that are disordered. They opt for Fix Overlapping Teeth without Braces due to their several advantages. Furthermore, they are a set of transparent or plastic trays which are tailored to fit the teeth accurately. The plus point of them is that they can be smoothly removed, are relaxing, suitable, & are not seem. These are best if the overlap is not severe.

  • Veneers: They are forms that are thin, & utilized to conceal the front part. They can be tailored to correspond to the shade of the natural teeth & are positioned on the incorrect ones after carving them as required.

  • Sculpting: There are only a few cases that are lenient and can be rectified with carving. In the process, a laser or a drill is utilized by the dentist to lessen the overlapping & provide proper space to the ones that are generating issues. 


The charges for the Overlapping Teeth in Abu Dhabi treatment caries from AED 9999 to AED 34999. Numerous other factors are there that might impact the cost of the method for instance the harshness of the difficulty, the complexness of the process, the method utilized, the experience of the doctor, the locality & reputation of the clinic, and a few other expenses. The real fee of the therapy will be determined at the initial meeting with the doctor.

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