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Children consume sweets and eat candies more as compared to adults. Also, it is mandatory for them to get a routine checkup so that their teeth can stay in good shape. For deciding the treatment it is also one of the main concerns of the parents, that they have to find friendly and cooperative dentists for their child. This concern is genuine. Our dentists at Enfield Royal Clinic are social and your child will get satisfied when meeting our dentists. To be treated according to your desires and needs bring your child to Pediatric Dentistry in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain and get what you wanted!

All You Need to Know About Pediatric Dentistry:

To deal with the children’s oral problems and to take care of their gums or teeth pediatric dentistry was introduced. Every dentist in this department is trained well to tackle children’s issues and how to be friendly with kids when they are in the clinic for treatment.  The aim of this department is to make sure about the satisfaction of the child & to make their visit unforgettable. To analyze children’s teeth a team of doctors is here which will provide a certain examination process.

The treatments which are offered by our dentists involve topical fluoride treatment, cleaning procedures, sealant implementation, pulp treatment for infant’s teeth, and treatments related to children’s oral hygiene. Keeping good health from childhood will result in properly shaped and cleaned teeth in adolescence.

How Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics are Different?

Both work for repairing services of teeth for people but the pediatric dentist especially gets trained to treat children, kids, and young ones. Handling children, particularly infants is not an easy task, moreover, the examination has to be done. So, the dentist analyzes the baby with proper handling and with a lot of care and love. 

The pediatric dentist examines the kids in the first 4 weeks of their birth and then after that regular checkups go on to observe the baby’s teeth growth and details. The doctor will train the parents regarding the oral hygienic routine of their child. While, the other dentist deals with the oral complications of adults and provides treatments like scaling & polishing, dental veneers and braces applications, etc.  Additionally, all sorts of injuries and oral diseases are treated by pediatric dentists. 

Outcomes of the Pediatric Dentistry:

The results related to the treatment are mesmerizing and children get treatments according to their soft and smooth gums. These outcomes will be visible when they will enter their adulthood and will have mesmerizing teeth. When getting treatment in childhood, the impact will last longer.


Getting involved in pediatric dentistry will result in several benefits such as the:

  • The health of the child maintains
  • More happy and calm kid
  • Pain-free treatments
  • Trained doctors to tackle children
  • System designed according to children’s needs 
  • Friendly and social staff
  • Trustable dentists
  • Smiley faced babies

What is the Ideal Time to visit a Pediatric dentist?

If you are concerned about oral health and the safety of your child’s mouth then you should do it in the first month after the child’s birth. Then, the next checkups will be advised by the doctors according to the kid’s condition. 

The dentists will examine the child by observing the medical history of the kiddo and the family if needed. Having examinations physically for oral health by observing the tongue and teeth. The doctor will give the dental care needed.

Preparation Before the Treatment:

To get Pediatric Dentistry in Abu Dhabi, the parents and the doctor play role. The parents can calm their children and can divert their minds by giving them interesting books and toys that will make them happy. By staying positive and calm parents can help their children get the treatment. Also, reading books and watching cartoons or favorite shows will make the procedure smooth. After all these preparations the final procedure will carry out which will be an easy and smooth process. 

How Cleaning of the Child’s Teeth Done?

When the doctors do dental cleaning of the child they handle the process really smoothly and calmly. To check the teeth’ condition the hygienist will do X-Rays if needed and after reviewing the results the doctor will remove the plaque from the teeth and the polishing and flossing will be done by using small tools. The treatment will be painless and the kid will feel comfortable while treatment. 

How to Get the Best Pediatric Dentist?

A dentist that treats children is different from a general dentist. For being the best pediatric dentist, one should have an experience in the field and he should know about tackling kids. Furthermore, a degree of five years is not enough, the dentist must be aware of human psychology, dental complications, and kids’ behavior. The dentist will need to do an internship in the pediatric department to be an expert in the field. 

Precautionary Habits for Healthy Teeth:

Parents should adopt a healthy lifestyle so that their children have good health. Mothers should take mandatory nutrients and supplements during conception time. Utilize wipes and use brushes to clean the infant’s teeth. Take your child for regular checkups. Rinse the child’s mouth properly once a day so that the teeth of the child stay strong and protected.

Fee for the Procedure:

The fee for getting the treatment will variate depending on the kid’s condition and oral health. It can be from AED 199 TO AED 1000 per session. The price also depends on the site of the clinics, the demand of the doctor, the number of sessions, the expertise of the pediatricians, and the standard of the clinic. The final price will be decided by the doctor on a visit.

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