Are you the one who is conscious while being in any gathering and that makes you feel awkward & embarrassed to talk or smile, just because of the reaction of the people to your teeth? Stop feeling embarrassed anymore, at Enfield Royal Clinic we are bringing a unique way to eliminate yellow or brown teeth by availing of Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, which will help you to bring back the lost confidence and your glamorous smile!

The Layout!

Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi is a method of brightening and lightening the teeth which are discolored while making them appear clean and healthy. In the method, the teeth are cleansed and polished to eliminate the marks and make them appear whiter through multiple procedures.  


At Enfield Royal Clinic, we are presenting the most effective way to scrape away the yellowish teeth and get back the smile. Our proficient experts aim to perform the method in a very convenient and effective way. The treatment eases lights up the smile and increases the personality. Every candidate appeals to have clean, white, and attractive teeth. Moreover, the therapy assists in brightening the smile and rectifying the discolored teeth aesthetically.


The astonishing results of Best Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi perfectly smoothening and whitening that eases the candidate to get the smile you have always wanted. At our location, we have well-trained experts who have years of experience and have delivered the utmost and the most lasting consequences.

How Long will the Results Last?

The therapy is recognized to stay for up to 3 to 4 years, but it varies on the consumption of the food or beverages that are pigmented, that are soaked up by the pores in the teeth of the candidate. The dental surgeon will further recommend the clients opt for the treatment every year or twice a year.

The Mesmerizing Benefits:

There are multiple advantages of the method that are associated with it, a few of them are mentioned below:

A Few Risks:

There are certain side-effects associated with the therapy of teeth whitening, the individuals must not worry as they will be cured and subsided in a few days.

  • Soreness. 
  • Temporary sensitivity.
  • Irritation in the gum.
  • Technicolor teeth.

Who are the Perfect Candidates: 

According to Enfield Royal Clinic, the candidate must consider the treatment and the best method if they are observing the below indications:

  • Darkening of teeth.
  • Exposure of the dentin.
  • Alteration in the color of the enamel.
  • The appearance of the teeth is yellow or has white streaks.
  • Have stains present on the enamel such as yellowish or brownish spots.

What are the Arrangements before the Method?

Prior to the method, the practitioner at our location will conduct the following evaluation & instruct a few recommendations:

  • Assessment of the health orally.
  • The candidate must discuss their requirements.
  • The doctor will cleanse the teeth & eliminate the plaque.
  • Prior to the treatment, brush your teeth.
  • Utilize a desensitizing paste if the client has sensitive teeth.
  • With the dentist, discuss the shades of dental.
  • Have realistic expectations.

The Strategy Performed: 

At our clinic, there are various treatments available, but the most effective and safest one is the therapy by laser. It provides amazing results without harming the enamel on the teeth, furthermore, the technique does not acquire much time to be carried out at the dental clinic. Below are the stages that are carried out to accomplish the method:

  1. The dental surgeon will place a mouth guard to keep it open.
  2. A safeguarded coating to the gums will be administered to ensure that the gel of bleaching onto the teeth is not affecting them.
  3. After the application of bleaching, the dentist will utilize a device that is like a pen that emits a laser to trigger the gel.
  4. The gel will be left on the teeth for about some time prior to vacuuming it. 
  5. The process is repeated until the appealing outcome is attained.
  6. In the final method, the mouth of the candidate will be washed & the safeguarded coating from the gums will be eliminated.

Post-Care of the Method:

To maintain the outcome and have the most effective and optimal outcome, the candidate is required to follow the below tips:

  • Avoid drinking any beverages that contain color.
  • Drink liquids that are clear.
  • Refrain from smoking.
  • Practice oral hygiene
  • Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Prevent foods that may cause marks to the teeth.


As per Enfield Royal Clinic, the charges of the method will be variable due to many factors, for instance, the product being utilized, the type of procedure opted for, the fee of the dental surgeon, locality, and reputation of the clinic, and a few other expenses. However, the estimated cost of the method varies from AED 700 to AED 1,000

The real cost will be decided at the initial consultation with the doctor. Moreover, we are offering free consultation so stop wasting your time and book us right away!

A Note from Enfield Royal Clinic!

Every candidate appeals to have brightening and whitening teeth, get shiner and stunning smile with the Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain that is performed by our proficient experts. If you have been appealing to get rid of the unsightly color and marks on the teeth, then you are in the right place. There are hundreds of clients who have greatly benefited from a younger smile with our amazing procedure. If you have any further concerns, then feel free to reach out and avail the amazing perks of a stunning smile for a lifetime.


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