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 A Brief!

The skin is a person’s first line of defence against viruses, bacteria, and other external pathogens that may harm the inner functioning of the body. It is important to take good care of the most important organ of the body. The Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain should be consulted in case of any irregularity noticed on the skin or in case of any other problem with the nails, hair, or skin.  Read all about the treatments offered and a lot more about the skincare specialists on the page below


Dermatology is a discipline of science that deals with skin conditions. It’s a specialty that combines medical and surgical elements. Skin, hair, and nail disorders are studied, diagnosed, and treated.

Who is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical professional who focuses on diseases of the face, skin, nails, and hair. Along with many other problems, they can recognize and cure rashes, eczema, and melanoma. Practitioners have considerable education and training, spending at least twelve years at school and learning how to recognize and manage numerous conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails in addition to aesthetic issues. 

Dermatologists treat patients for problems that go far beyond superficial skin problems. Skin issues may make individuals feel less confident in themselves, cause pain that can make daily tasks challenging, and, in severe cases, even endanger their lives.

Results of Skin Specialist:

The skin conditions and diseases are treated and addressed resulting in a smooth and clear appearance of the skin. The root causes of the problems are treated permanently after an appropriate diagnosis. 

At Enfield Royal Clinic, the treatments and procedures are planned according to the current conditions and expectations of the patient. To get the best results, it is important to consult an experienced and qualified dermatologist or a skin specialist.

When to Consult a Dermatologist?

One or more of the following issues faced by the individual calls for a trip to the doctor.

  • Hair Loss:
    Losing excessive hair and the appearance of bald patches is a sign of some serious condition or disease. It should be checked and treated by a skin specialist to restore hair growth.
  • Spider Veins:
    The appearance of spider veins can be reduced by appropriate treatment by a dermatologist.
  • Nail or skin Infection:
    Having discoloration, pus, itching, and warts on or around the nails is a sign of infection that should be checked and treated accordingly by a skin specialist.
  • Dry Skin:
    Dry skin on different parts of the body like the chest, lower back, elbow, knees, and chest, may result from psoriasis. This condition should also be checked and treated right away by a skin specialist.
  • Red Skin:
    A person can have red or inflamed skin due to an allergic reaction, eczema or it may also be due to rosacea. This calls for an immediate checkup from an experienced dermatologist before the condition worsens.
  • Severe Acne:
    If a person suffers from a severe acne problem that is not affected by any skincare products or home remedies. A skin specialist should be consulted so that he can diagnose the underlying causes and provide suitable treatments.
  • Moles and Skin growth:
    Skin tags may appear on the skin due to various reasons. These may not require treatment; however if the colour, shape, size, or texture of the skin grows, they require a thorough examination by a skincare expert.
  • Oily skin:
    If a person experiences skin issues due to excess sebum excretion from the skin, they should consult a specialist.

Method of Evaluation:

In the first consultation with a Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi, the patient’s issues, concerns, and problem areas are discussed. The doctor also reviews the patient’s medical history and takes a detailed physical examination of the trouble area(s) to be treated. Blood may also be drawn for testing to diagnose the underlying cause of the problem. Allergy tests, biopsies, blood tests, keloid scars, etc are some of the assessments carried out by the skin doctor.

Best Dermatologist:

It is important to take time to choose a good dermatologist as the results of the treatment depend on it.  

  • The first and foremost thing is to figure out what are your problem areas and your expectations from the treatments. 
  • You have to be able to communicate with the doctor about your problems and needs. 
  • If the needs are medical, cosmetic, or surgical, the doctor is to be chosen accordingly. The natural skin colour of your skin determines your dermatological need. For example in people with skin of colour, pigmentation is one of the most common problems. The doctor of the skin colour is different from other dermatologists. 
  • The fees of the consultation and a free initial consultation should also be taken into account when considering a doctor for treatment. 
  • Before confirming the doctor, their credentials should be verified.  
  • Before visiting the clinic or hospital, patients’ reviews should be checked online to see if their patients are satisfied with the treatments they provide.
  •  During the first visit to the doctor, check the clinic’s environment, the attitude of the staff and the doctor, their accessibility, the doctor’s patience, and the quality of the treatments they offer.

Techniques Offered:

The skin specialist at Enfield Royal Clinic first takes a detailed initial examination of the problem sites & then accordingly suggests treatments to address the issues.


In this procedure, the dermatologist uses a special device to remove the outermost damaged layer of the skin. The inner layer that emerges is a lot more clear and more smooth.  

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is used by the doctor to treat several skin issues. These issues range from pigmentation to acne and many other skin problems.

Dermatologist for Acne and Scar Treatment

Acne is one of the most prevalent problems in people that dermatologists treat. Several medications, topical ointments, and treatments are provided to deal with the problem of acne and its scars.  


The spider veins are treated by injecting chemicals into the vein. This results in a reduction in their appearance on the skin.


In this therapy, the doctor injects vitamins and other minerals under the skin intending to promote fat loss.

PRP injections

These injections are created from the person’s blood. The growth factors and platelets are separated from the blood and made into injections that are then injected in the desired areas.

Hair transplant

To overcome the problem of blood-thinning the dermatologist takes hair from one part of the body and implants it in the other.


The consultation fee is often covered by the insurance companies depending on the cause of the visit. To confirm if the dermatologist’s consultation fee is covered by the insurance, the insurance providers need to be contacted.


The Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi Costs ranges from AED 499 to AED 1,999. It depends on the experience & expertise of the doctor and the number of sessions required by the patient for the treatment.

The dermatologists at the Clinic are highly specialized and experts in the field. They offer the best procedures and treatments that leave the patients happy and satisfied. 

Best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi

The Enfield Royal Clinic offers the best treatments and procedures carried out by the most experienced & qualified surgeons & dermatologists. Their use of the latest technology & modern techniques ensures guaranteed results and desired outcomes. The well-trained staff of the clinic and their friendly attitudes provides a very relaxing and comfortable environment for the clients. We believe in treating them all equally with dignity and respect. If you are looking for the best choice for cost and quality, fill out the form below, we are the right option for you!