Biopsy for Diagnosis Purposes in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Biopsy Cost

Different sorts of screenings are done to know the presence of any issue inside the body. But a biopsy is the best one as it gives results that are far better than another diagnosis. When people face some symptoms of a disease or problems that disturb them in their life, these screenings help in knowing the reason behind them. These tests diagnose if the cancer cells are there in the body. To get the best analysis for yourself you should go for Biopsy for Diagnosis Purposes in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain!

How to Define Biopsy?

It is a treatment in which the tissues from the patient’s body are collected to identify the residents of any major health complications. The main goal of the screening is the detection of cancer if present in the body therefore the biopsy test for cancer is done commonly. But other medical conditions can be identified by the use of this process. These issues can be cirrhosis, breast cancer, or the presence of lumps or bumps in the skin also mole verification can be done through the process. The type of biopsy which needs to be done will be decided by the doctor relying on the problem of the individual. There are many types of biopsies.

Types of Biopsy:

The multifarious type of biopsies are as follows:

  • Needle Biopsy:

The type of biopsy is carried out with the help of a needle that is inserted into the skin and the doctor said this testing is percutaneous tissue biopsy. The area that appears affected like the visible lumps that are present under the skin makes the doctor extract some cells or tissues from the diseased area. The amount of extraction depends on the need for fluid for examination. Before the biopsy will be done doctor will apply anesthesia to make you numb. 

  • Endoscopic Biopsy:

To check the suspicious area the medics use a long and elastic tube that goes inside the body through either mouth, rectum, or urinary tract. In this tube when entered the physician will use a tool that will pass through the tube having a light at the end which will examine the part where the lump or the node is located. Through this tool, the tissue will be extracted from that region for further analysis. The types of endoscopy are differently used for different people.

  • Skin Biopsy:

To analyze the skin area that appears affected maybe from melanoma or cancer the doctor will remove some skin parts for further identification. This biopsy procedure can be done by various devices and tools. There are four sorts of skin biopsy including the:

  • Shave Biopsy:

In this procedure, a device resembling a razor will be utilized to extract the skin for its examination. 

  • Punching Biopsy:

A tool that looks round in shape is inserted into the skin to get a sample for testing

  • Incisional Biopsy:

A scalpel will be used to remove a certain area of the skin for its analysis. In this process, a cut will be made that will then be closed with the aid of sutures

  • Excisional Biopsy:

This is clear from the name of the treatment that the lump or bump present inside the skin will be extracted from the skin as a whole and then go for verification. This procedure involves the use of stitches near the site of extraction.

  • Bone marrow Biopsy:

To check the indications of cancer in the bone marrow as well as to know about other diseases the medics will take a sample from the bone marrow by injecting a needle into the backbone. It can detect cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Bone marrow is responsible for making blood and any problem in the blood can be detected by this screening.

Ideal Candidate:

To become the perfect candidate for this Biopsy for Diagnosis Purposes in Abu Dhabi you should have the following characteristic:

  • If you have lumps and nodes on the skin area
  • When the male and female both are in good health
  • If you have problems with your blood 
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Immune issues
  • If you face some instant skin changes like in the birthmarks then you should examine the 


When you are going for the procedure then you should be prepared for it. The preparation phase depends on the type of biopsy that is being utilized. The patient should tell everything to his/her doctor about their medical conditions. You may not be allowed to eat before the process as it affects the diagnosis. Do not use any blood-thinning medicine before the diagnosis as it will cause more bleeding. Individuals are advised to drink plenty of water before the procedure. This will help withdraw the blood easily. 

Expect this During Biopsy:

For the process to carry out the doctor will either apply the anesthesia or don not apply it as sometimes the procedure is painless and does not hurt, so the need for inserting anesthesia is less while there are conditions in which the treatment is invasive and cuts are done so the medic first apply anesthesia to make the patient’s body numb. The sample will be withdrawn then and will be sent to the laboratory for further analysis.


After the process, the doctor will send the collected samples to the laboratory where the pathologist will analyze the tissues. These will be examined under the microscope to check the presence of any dangerous pathogens or cancerous cells. The time period in which the results will be shown varies according to the expertise of the pathologist. 

Are there any Biopsy Side Effects?

The risks related to the treatment are as follows:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Numbness of skin


The cost factor of the Biopsy for Diagnosis Purposes in Abu Dhabi variates from AED 599 to AED 1199. The final cost for the procedure depends on the amount of work done in the labs, X-Rays, samples taken, amount of blood taken, the location of the clinic, and services of the hospital. The doctor will tell you about the proper expense after the first consultation.

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