Incision and Drainage of Abscesses in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Drainage Cost

When the pus cells are formed in the skin due to certain reasons like tear interaction on the skin area, as a result of any injury, some damage to the skin, and irritation. When all these happen the bacteria get entry into the skin and cause the pus cells to get accumulate in that specific area. The areas where these can grow are the buttocks, breasts, arms, and groin. However, the location for these to grow is not exact. No one wants to have these abscesses on the skin therefore there are many treatments that have been designed for their removal and complete treatment. The best is the Incision and Drainage of Abscesses in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain!

What are Abscesses?

This is the formation o the bacterially infected pus cells anywhere in the body part. As this occurs due to the bacteria their presence cause pain as well therefore the elimination of these abscesses is necessary. The types of pimples are two depending on their location in the body. If it is formed on the body it will term skin abscesses & if formed in between the inside organs of the body then called internal bumps.


The appearance of the pustule will be swelling and reddish. Also, the pus will be present inside the blemish under the skin. Other signs that the lesion is an abscess are the sensation of pain and the occurrence of an infection. Also, you might get a fever or high temperature.

Causes for Abscesses:

The cause for the formation of abscesses on the skin is bacterial invasion as a result of this attack of bacteria white blood cells of the human body get activated immediately to form a defensive force which will then fight with the invaders. In the fighting and attacking process, the defense and the bacterial cells die & start accumulating at the site of defense. This formation of pus cells generates the feeling of pain.

Results of Treatment:

When we talk about the outcomes of the surgery then it is clear that the patient will get rid of the pimples and lumps permanently. The patient will be able to start the daily grind after one day. Wholesome, the results rely on the method by which the procedure is done. 


The pros that are connected to the Incision and Drainage of Abscesses in Abu Dhabi are multifarious and these are mentioned below so that you can easily understand the process & the advantages attached to it.

  • No pain after getting treated with this procedure
  • Elimination of pus cells from the body
  • No downtime required
  • The procedure period is small
  • No risk for complications and infections
  • You will get a fever free and the swelling will go away
  • A safe and effective procedure
  • Affordable surgery with desired results

Who is the ideal Candidate?`

A person will be a perfect candidate for the procedure if he has the following attributes:

  • A person who wants to remove the abcsession from the skin 
  • People aho have recurring pimples on different body sites
  • They desire to give up the pain 
  • Individuals who have the lesions in their abdominal cavity
  • Have tried to remove the pimples by natural remedies
  • People who are over the age of 18


Before procedure gets started the patient needs to take care of his skin to avoid further complications. Try not to touch the pimples so that it will not swell more or the germs production restrict. Do not scratch the skin or abscesses as it will leave permanent scars on your face or bosy skin. To ease the pain before the treatment the patient may need to intake the medicines. Utilize dressings on the wound area as it will protect the patients from different infections on the skin. 


To commence the procedure the doctor will apply anesthesia to the body of the patient with the help of an injection. This will make the skin of the patient num and then the medic will proceed the treatment. First of all, the surgeon will do markings and then incicisions will be made on that infected area. Then the pus present inside the pocket made will be drained out & then a specific dressing will be placed so that all the pus get absorbed. Then the opening will not close so that it can start healing. Depending on the deepness of the incision a dressing will be placed inside it.The overall process time is around ten to twenty minutes.


The procedure is simple and doesnot involve that complications altough pain killers may be needed to relieve the pain after the treatment. Do not disturb the wound dressing as it will post poned the rehabilitation period. Avoid heavy activities to speed up the recovery procedure. You will need to visit the clinic to check the recovery rate. Analyse the pain intensity after treatment if its increasing you may need to go to the medic.


The price of the for Incision and Drainage of Abscesses treatment is around the AED 349 to AED 2699. The rate depends on factors like the location of the clinic, the experience of the doctor, the demand of the doctor, the conditions of the individual, the services present at the hospital and also the qualification of the doctor. The final charge will be decide on the first consultation. 

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