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Keloid Scars:

On the body or face, scars are easily noticeable, although the tissues of the scars usually vanish to nearly match the color of the skin over the duration. But in a few cases, a scar can be seen & grown rather than subside. The tissue of the scar is a part of the skin that heals naturally but when it expands abnormally it is called a keloid. 

The color of the keloid scar is reddish or pinkish which is thickened & grows above the texture of the skin, in a few cases it is attended by minimal pain, rashes, or itching. Anyhow, our valuable clients should not worry as we are presenting the Keloid Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain that is done by our experts. Furthermore, the scars are mostly seen in the sites such as on the ear lobes, chest, shoulders, and neck.

What are the Indications of Keloid Scars?

The scars mostly occur as extended sessions that are rubbery and are tight & shiny, in addition, they are not balanced. They are harmless and are the outcome of collagen tissues that are thickened and get doubled meanwhile repairing the wound & impacts the sites that are nearby. Anyhow, below are mentioned the indications of the keloid, they are as follows:

  • Pigmentation of the skin.
  • Observing sensitivity or pain.
  • Scar tissues that are localized, continue to develop & multiply over time.
  • Growth of the skin that is red, pink, or purplish in color.
  • The scar on the skin is raised, lumpy, & shinier.
  • Observing pain or itchiness affiliated with the growth of the skin. 

What are the Reasons for their Occurrence?

As per the experts of Enfield Royal Clinic, below are mentioned the causes of the existence of the scars of keloids, they include:

  • Burns or chickenpox.
  • Wounds that are traumatic.
  • Acne or minor scratches.
  • Incisions are done surgically or site of vaccination.

Mesmerizing Results:

The results of Keloid Treatment in Abu Dhabi aspire to decrease the measure of the scars & reduce their indications for instance pain or itching. Furthermore, the process will result in scar-free skin that shines brightly. In addition, the candidate will see the final results after taking a few sessions as we have the Best Scar Removal treatments at our location.


There are numerous perks of the process, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • 95% rate of success.
  • Incredibly effective.
  • Skin free of scars.
  • Better skin tone is attained.
  • Decrease in the visibility of the marks.

Ideal Candidate: 

According to Enfield Royal Clinic, below are quoted the criteria for excellent candidacy:

  • Appealing to get flawless skin.
  • Willing to have scar-free skin.
  • The candidate is above 20 years.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals are not good for the process.


Prior to the process, the client will be suggested to follow the below tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid drinking & smoking.
  • Avoid going out in the sun.
  • Apply good sunscreen.
  • Refrain from tanning beds.
  • Keep your skin clean.


At our location, we are presenting Scars & Keloid Treatment in Abu Dhabi that is performed to attain the ultimate & dramatic impacts. The method will be done following the examination of the skin condition and learning about the medical record of the client.

In addition, mechanical destruction of the tissue restores the development of the collagen & boosts the regrowth of the scar. Nowadays, it is convenient to scrape away the marks by utilizing modern techniques. Below are mentioned the procedures that are performed by our experts, they include:

  • Laser Resurfacing:
    This is known as the best procedure for the elimination of the marks. Marks of keloids that are huge can be lessened by the pulsed-dye sessions of lasers. The process has also been amazing in assisting the clients to get rid of itchiness & causing the scars to vanish. The method is accomplished after carrying out several sessions in between a month to two. Furthermore, the dermatologist will suggest combining the process with the injections of cortisone or other treatments.
  • Surgical Removal:
    In this method, cutting is involved and it is combined with other procedures as this alone does not guarantee long-lasting outcomes. The process is done with the combination of cryotherapy which will stop the marks from getting back. Furthermore, the rate of success is 95%
  • Cryotherapy:
    The method operates by cooling the keloid but the client should not worry as the beneath skin is safeguarded. The process will lessen the dimension of the marks as it freezes them from the inside & outside while reducing the hardness. The process is great from tiny scars of the keloid that will require 3 to 4 sessions to obtain optimal outcomes.


Following the method, the client will be given a few instructions that are essential to follow to keep the results for a long time. The tips include:

  • Keep the skin clean.
  • Avoid going out in the sun.
  • Apply a well-prescribed sunblock.
  • The sunscreen must be SPF 50+.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol & smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water.


According to Enfield Royal Clinic, the Keloid Removal Cost will start from AED 700. The actual charges of the process will be known at the initial meeting with the doctor as there are various other factors that will impact the price of the process such as the proficiency of the dermatologist, the clinic’s level & locality, the requirement of sessions, application of anesthesia, type of process, condition of the scar, and a few other expenses.

An End to the Rigid Scars!

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