The Enfield Royal Clinic in Abu Dhabi is an aesthetic clinic that offers the best and most effective treatments. Our patient-centric approaches make our clients satisfied with the procedures and comfortable with the treatments. To get an idea about the treatments offered at the clinic the website can be researched. This information is however not to be taken as medical advice as it is provided just to educate the readers about the treatments.

Future Results:

The outcomes of each treatment vary for each patient. This is because every individual’s body reacts differently to the treatment. It is not guaranteed that the results shown on our website will be the same for you. The results are also greatly affected by how well you follow the post-op care instructions and how well you maintain yourself after the treatment.


The content on our website is well researched from trusted sources. It however does not substitute the expert’s and the professional’s advice, diagnosis, and consultation. It is advised to visit an experienced professional rather than self-diagnosis using the content from the website. The information is updated daily to keep our audience up to date.

Accuracy of information:

The health information provided on the website is accurate and up to date. The content of the website is reviewed by the experts to make sure it is to the point and unbiased without any irrelevant information. It addresses the confusion of the users regarding any treatment and its procedure. The accuracy of the content may however be affected by the changes in the circumstances after publication.

External Links:

To provide more information to the users about any specific topic, links to external websites are also shared. We however take no responsibility for any unpleasant experience from the links as the only purpose of those external links is to provide additional information.

Images Disclaimer:

We have also provided graphic outcomes of the treatments. The before and after images of the treatments provide an idea to the reader of what to expect from the procedure. The results are not exactly similar to the images as it varies from person to person.

Medical Advice:

It is important to take the advice from medical professionals and not rely completely on the content provided on the website. The medical professionals carry out tests and diagnoses to make sure the treatment is safe for the patients. The content of our website cannot be an alternative to their advice.


To get the treatment the candidate needs to be over 18 years or have the permission of their guardian. This is because the legal age to be able to make decisions is over 18. A consent form is to be signed by the candidate after that the clinic cannot be sued for any damage or loss.  

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