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People between the age of 30s and 40s are more likely to have hair loss & baldness issues. It is important to restore these as it overall affects a person’s looks. But before getting the treatment you should know the Hair Transplant Abu Dhabi Pros and Cons. One of the best methods of gaining beautiful natural hair. Advances in this procedure have made it a popular method among people. The main reason is not the hair but the natural hair restoration. Different individuals lose hair in different ways and get different bald patches on the scalp. There are many Hair Transplant in Enfield Royal Abu Dhabi to treat these problems. These procedures have no side effects. Read the blog that is given below!

All You Need to Know About Hair Transplant:

A procedure that causes the restoration of hair by withdrawing the hair from the back of the head and then implanting it into the frontal part of the headline giving a natural hair line. Different kinds of hair techniques are done in our Enfield Royal Clinic to give you the hair you want, Obviously, like everything, these methods do have some advantages as well as disadvantages. To understand them in depth you need to read the blog written above.

Treatments types:


The kind of treatment in which the hair is taken from the donor part will not leave any signs of the therapy. This has become the most popular method among others as it provides a finer hair appearance than FUT and other hair techniques. Hair is withdrawn one by one in the technique.


This is a procedure of transferring the hair from the back of the head in the form of small patches with hair grafts on them. This treatment will leave a scar on the head. It gives the best hairline. 

Hair Transplant Pros: 

Having a hair transplant there are some pros as well as cons. The pros that are related to different hair procedures are as follows;

  • When someone undergoes a hair transplant his hair gets restored in a natural way and nobody can find out that it has been done by surgery.
  • One of the benefits of this procedure is its affordable price. You can get this treatment at a reasonable cost which will give you the results you want. 
  • The healing time of the treatment is minimal and you do not require months to recover.
  • Cause the stimulation of new hair growth 
  • When you are receiving treatment the thing which will come to your mind will be How much Hair transplant will cause pain? But the answer is it is a painless procedure. Although it is done under anesthesia this is to avoid the discomfort this process can generate. 
  • FUE has one more benefit over the FUT it does not cause large scars as there are no stitches involved in this treatment. 
  • The process does not involve any utilization of chemicals or medicines which can affect you in the long term.

Hair Transplant Cons:

  • The procedure requires a lot of time to get complete as it is an intense and complicated treatment. 
  • The surgeon carrying out the process should be really educated and have a lot of experience to understand the proper picking of hair from the donor part and then implanting.
  • Different types of infections and swellings can occur due to this treatment.
  • You may feel pain after the procedure in the scalp area
  • Visibility of the scars when the process is finished in the case of FUT. Bad for people who do not want to expose that they have undergone treatment.
  • Sometimes the bleeding happens when the procedure is done. 

Why Enfield Royal Clinic?

You may be wondering Where Can I Do a Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi? As this treatment requires someone who is an expert in carrying out the process so you should choose the doctor and clinic after research because Our Enfield Royal Clinic has professionals who hold an experience in this field and properly understand the technicalities of the process. We are offering every type of hair transplant in our clinic. The best part of getting treated in our clinic is that we are offering a free consultation to our patients in which they have the opportunity to discuss their problems with the surgeon and then obtain the solution also know the Hair Transplant Abu Dhabi Pros and Cons by our professionals. To confirm the first appointment you need to fill out the form given below!