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A person’s hair has a significant role in defining their personality. If a person wants their hair to stay healthy for a long period, they must take care of it just like we take care of our bodies. Self-care is not always sufficient to maintain healthy hair. Occasionally seeking expert assistance is advised. No matter how well the person takes care of their hair, eventually, hair may start to fall out as they age. This may be because the hair follicles secrete less lubricating oil, which leads to dryness and hair loss. There could be numerous other factors. One of the most common factors for hair loss in men is the genetic reasons that cause male pattern baldness. To restore the hair volume and cover up the bald area(s), the person can get Baldness Treatment for Male in Abu Dhabi. Continue reading to learn all about it

The Essence of Treatment:

The main goal of the treatment is to stimulate natural hair growth in scalp regions that have little or no hair growth. In addition, it aims to restore an individual’s hair volume providing a younger-looking appearance. 


The procedure will give the person a hairline that appears natural. Two to three weeks following the treatment, the treated individual should expect to shed the transplanted hairs this enables new hair to grow gradually.


  • Baldness can be treated permanently with it.
  • It gives a person a scalp full of beautiful, healthy hair.
  • The process is reasonably priced.
  • The hair is simple to care for and manage.
  • It boosts the individual’s self-assurance.
  • It lessens your need for cosmetics to maintain and restore hair growth.
  • The individual has a better appearance.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Males who have male pattern baldness
  • Individuals who have lost their hair as a result of stress, treatment, or burns
  • People who are not using blood thinners since these drugs increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Those whose hair is rapidly thinning
  • Someone with a consistent pattern who is experiencing the beginning stages of hair loss

How does it Work?

One of the best ways to treat balding areas is through hair treatment. Since the sides of the head have more hair, hair follicles from the sides are harvested in grafts and transplanted into the bald spots. Single hair transplants are another technique. In a therapeutic setting, this technique is performed by skin specialists and is quite successful in promoting new hair growth.


During the initial appointment for the Baldness Treatment for Male in Abu Dhabi, the person’s concerns, problems, treatment objectives, and expectations are discussed for evaluating and treating the problem areas. Along with performing a physical examination of the treatment area, the doctor also looks through the candidate’s medical history. Then, the treatment is designed according to the demands and requirements of the individual. The patient is informed of the procedure’s specifics and given a list of instructions on how to get prepared.

The patient is informed before the therapy

  • To cut down on drinking and quit smoking
  • To refrain from using drugs that thin the blood
  • Must cease taking any vitamins or supplements until the doctor directs you to do so


  • The procedure of hair transplant is very simple and common
  • The doctor first decides on the donor region  
  • From there the hair grafts are extracted and prepared under the microscope
  • The balding area is then marked and accordingly, the dermatologist starts to implant the extracted hair follicles by first making tiny cuts on the scalp
  • At the end of the treatment, the doctor covers up the treated area with a bandage to minimize the risk of infection

Aftercare and Recovery:

Post-operative care is based on the surgeon’s approach to treatment. The doctor provides a list of recommendations for aftercare measures. The patient is required not to wash their head for a few days following the treatment until the doctor advises them to. After the scalp has recovered and with the doctor’s approval, the patient is permitted to gently wash their head. They must, however, refrain from using any chemicals on the treated region for a few weeks, except the ointment prescribed by the doctor.

The healing of the wounds takes around 2 weeks after the treatment. Then, there is a waiting period of a few months before the effects start to become apparent and hair starts to grow.


The average cost for the treatment starts from AED 7,000. The type of transplantation the surgeon chooses will determine the real cost of the procedure. Additionally, it depends on the size of the treatment region and the number of sessions necessary for efficient outcomes. The overall cost of the treatment is significantly influenced by several additional criteria, including the location, clinical level, and level of experience and skill of the surgeon.

How long do the Results Last?

The results of the treatment for baldness and thinning of hair last for a long time and often for a lifetime as well. It depends on how well the recipient takes care of their hair after the procedure.

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