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One of the most important things with hair is that once a person starts losing hair due to the damaged scalp or affected hair follicles, it is difficult to restore it. Therefore it is important to care for your hair and scalp before it gets too late. Scalp care is vital to having good and healthy hair. Prevention is always better than cure. When a person first starts noticing any kind of scalp or hair issues, they should consult the Best Trichologist in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain before the problem gets worst.  

Who is a Trichologist?

They are hair specialists with their main focus on Trichology. They study all issues related to the scalp and hair. Their main duty is to diagnose the root cause of the hair problems suffered by the patients and then accordingly suggest the most suitable treatments. They examine the scalp and hair thoroughly to diagnose the severity of the problem.

Results of Trichologist in Abu Dhabi

The consultation with the Trichologist results in healthy hair with improved texture and quality. It also results in the enhancement of the person’s self-esteem and confidence. The hair loss and balding problems are also addressed improving the overall appearance of the person.

When to consult a Hair specialist?

Sudden hair fall and breaking of hair is a causes of concern that should be immediately addressed. The appearance of bald spots and thinning of hair are also reasons to consult a hair specialist. Scalp problems like dandruff, oiliness, and psoriasis, faced by the individuals call for a trip to the clinic.  

What to expect during the consultation?

In the first consultation, the hair specialist and the patient have a detailed discussion about the problem areas, concerns, and issues faced by the individual. The medical history is reviewed and a thorough physical examination of the scalp is taken to check the current condition of the patient. Any medications taken by patients are also noted as hair loss and scalp problems can be a side effect of certain medicines.

Once the initial checkup is complete, all the possible treatment options are given to the patient and referred to the doctor for the treatment.

Diagnostic methods used

Tests carried out by the Best Trichologist in Abu Dhabi to diagnose the root cause include

  • Hormone tests
  • Blood tests
  • Examination of scalp and hair

Cost of the appointment

The average cost of the consultation with a Trichologist ranges from AED 299 to AED 499. It depends on the expertise and experience of the hair specialist. The consultation fees vary for each clinic depending on the clinical level and location.

Why choose us?

The hair specialists at the Enfield Royal Clinic are highly experienced and qualified professionals. They use the latest technology and modern techniques to diagnose the root cause of the problem. The staff of the clinic is well trained to keep the patients and clients relaxed and comfortable. Our patient-centric approaches make them our number one priority. We treat all our patients equally with the respect and dignity they deserve. The patient’s safety is very important to us thereby the environment of the clinic is kept clean and hygienic and all the Covid 19 protocols are strictly followed. If you are looking for the best choice of quality and cost, we are the right option for you!

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