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Male pattern baldness usually results in balding and thinning of hair on the crown region of the head. The crown area is basically beyond the transition point. The transition point is at the middle of the head on the top. For the Crown Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain to be effective, certain criteria should be met. First and the main criteria is that the hair loss on the crown area should be stable to avoid the donut or halo effect on the head and the second is the availability of a good donor area from where hair can be transplanted. Continue reading to learn all about the treatment…

Goals of Treatment:

The procedure aims to return the head full of hairs to the candidate. It covers up the balding spots by transplanting hair from regions with thick hair on the head to the area where there is no hair.


The treatment results in an increased density of hair. The quality of the hair in the treated region is also improved. The initial results are visible after several months and the final results are seen after almost a year.


  • The balding area is restored
  • The person gets a head full of healthy hair
  • The treatment is cost-effective in the long run
  • After the procedure, there is no such requirement for maintenance
  • The person’s confidence and self-esteem are boosted
  • The success rate of the treatment is very high
  • The treatment is very safe with natural results
  • It is a permanent solution to hair thinning and balding

Ideal Candidate:

  • A medically and mentally healthy person who is ready for the procedure
  • Somebody who understands the treatment and is mentally prepared for it
  • A person who does not suffer from any serious skin condition or a disease
  • Somebody who suffers from bald patches on their head and has a good donor area
  • An individual who does not smoke or is ready to quit smoking
  • Anyone with realistic expectations from the treatment

How does it work?

The procedure works by moving hair from regions with thicker density to the regions with balding spots or thinning hair. There are different techniques that the dermatologist can adopt for the treatment depending on the patient’s preference and their current condition.


First, the skincare specialist takes a detailed physical examination of the scalp of the patient and also has a detailed discussion with them on their problem areas, issues, and expectations from the treatment. the doctor may also suggest some blood work before the treatment and review the patient’s medical records to figure out the underlying cause of hair loss and thinning. After completing the initial checkup the doctor plans a customized treatment according to the patient’s condition and also prepares the candidate for the procedure.

The technique used by the Dermatologist:

The FUE technique is used by the dermatologist for the Crown Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi. This procedure requires to be carried out by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. This is because the pattern of hair growth on the crown is different than that of the rest of the head. If the hair pattern on the crown is not followed, the results look unnatural and unappealing. However, precisely placing incisions such that hair seems thick and realistic is an artwork that only a few exceptional doctors know. The hair restoration specialist needs to make a series of small cuts at varied angles to simulate the spontaneous spiral.

The steps of the procedure are as follows

  • In the first step, the surgeon removes healthy and good hair follicles from the donor area which is usually at the back of the head
  • Then these follicles are prepared for their transplantation into the recipient region
  • Incisions on the crown area are then made according to the person’s natural hair pattern
  • In these cuts, the surgeon then transplants the hair follicles one by one according to the hair pattern of the recipient

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the procedure, the patient may feel some pain and discomfort in the treatment regions. For this, the doctor prescribed pain-relieving medications to be taken as required. It takes approx a week to get back to work and daily routine. Special care must be taken of the treated area(s) to get the best possible results and to speed up the healing process.

The doctor gives a list of guidelines to the patient on how to care for the treated regions. These include

  • Avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Strenuous workout and any activity that causes a person to sweat should also be avoided for at least a week or more
  • The treated areas should not be touched or scratched even if it is itchy
  • If any ointment is provided by the doctor to be applied on the scalp, it should be done so according to the prescription


The cost of the procedure ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 15,000 . It varies from person to person depending on various factors like the patient’s current condition, their expectation of the treatment, the technique used by the doctor, and the doctor’s experience. The final cost is decided by the doctor after considering all these factors affecting the cost.

Duration of the results:

The results of the procedure last for a long time and often a lifetime as well depending on how well the patient cares for their hair. This is because hair loss is progressive and can only be slowed down with good care.

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