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Hair loss can be triggered by multiple factors. Genetics, scalp infection, or any other skin disorder could cause hair loss in the adult population. Oftentimes, cancer treatment also stimulates loss of hair in patients undergoing chemotherapy. This is challenging for various reasons: baldness is taboo, one loses confidence and self-esteem in social settings, and one spends too much money on different products that offer temporary solutions. There are various ways available to address the challenge of hair loss. Amongst them, there are few that provide a permanent solution to the condition of hairless and help grow natural hairlines. Some of the Hair loss treatments in Abu Dhabi are hair transplants, oral or topical medications, and laser therapy.

Essence Of Treatment:

The aim of the treatment is to reverse hair loss in individuals suffering from it. The main function of the treatment is to target the area where hair loss occurs. It basically works to rejuvenate the hair follicles that stop growing healthy hair. If it is not possible, the weak hair follicles are replaced with healthy ones so new hair can grow.


The result of each procedure varies and the time is taken to see visible results also varies. With some treatments, there is more downtime than the others. The current condition of the patient plays a huge role in the time taken for the results to show.


These surgical procedures related to hair loss treatment offer a relatively long-lasting solution. Besides this, they reduce one’s dependence on different hair growth maintenance products that are both costly and unhealthy. Furthermore, these treatments are likely to restore the receding hairline and it appears natural. These benefits result in an increased level of confidence and self-esteem at an individual level.

Ideal Candidate:

If a person is healthy, has no other serious health condition that could be exacerbated by a normal surgical procedure, and have a pretty realistic experience of the results of these treatments, they are an ideal candidate for either of these hair loss treatments.


In the first consultation, the doctor and the patient discuss the concerns, expectations, and current condition of the patient. The doctor then examines the area of concern aka hair loss, thoroughly. After that, a number of possible treatment options are given to the patient from which one or combined treatment is chosen. According to the patient’s condition and expectations, the doctor then plans the course of treatment.

To prepare the individual for the procedure, a list of instructions is given that are to be followed so that the treatment goes according to the plan. These instructions include the dos and don’ts.

The patient is to avoid taking any blood thinners and smoking for days before and after the treatment to avoid any complications.


There are a number of possible methods that can be opted by the surgeon to treat the hair loss problem. Some are surgical and others are non-surgical treatments.

Surgical techniques:

Hair transplant:

This is a surgical technique is used to transplant healthy hair follicles onto the area suffering from hair loss due to weak hair follicles. There are different methods that can be adopted for this treatment. The surgeon may either take individual hair follicles or place them on the area being treated or may take a patch of skin from the back of the head with thousands of hair follicles and then separate it one by one under the microscope to be placed on the recipient area. These treatments are known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Non-surgical treatments:

Oral Medications:

The doctor may prescribe some medications to the patient to slow down the process of hair loss. These medications work by strengthening the hair follicles thus reducing the amount of hair loss. There is a downtime of some months before effective results can be seen. It is better to visit the doctor when a person first starts noticing the hair fall. This is because it is more effective in the early stages of hair loss.

Topical medications:

These are ointments prescribed by the surgeon that is to be applied on the scalp directly. This is because the medicine should reach the roots of the hair. It provides nourishment to the weak hair follicles and also increases the blood flow. This results in a reduction in the amount of hair falls a person experiences on a daily basis.

Laser therapy:

In this treatment special device is used that emits a concentrated laser onto the scalp targeting the weak hair follicles. The laser energy encourages the growth of hair. This is a slow process and the patient may need a number of sessions for the treatment depending on the current condition and the level of hair fall.

Aftercare And Recovery:

Each treatment has different aftercare. However, after each treatment, it is important to look after the treated area to achieve effective results. The surgeon gives a list of dos and don’ts that are to be followed strictly.

The recovery period of each method of treatment also varies. With every treatment, there is a downtime of some months at least as these procedures make the use of natural hair growth which takes time.

Side Effects:

Considering the fact that these surgical procedures take place in a highly controlled and sterilized environment under the supervision of senior experts, the possibility of infection or nerve damage is close to none. However, scabbing, irritation, or swelling could happen which go away easily after some time.


The cost of hair loss treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED – to AED -. The actual cost depends on the method of treatment used by the surgeon. The surgical treatments cost more than the non-surgical treatments. It also depends on the complexity of the procedure, the location of the clinic, and its level. The doctor’s expertise and experience also affect the cost of the procedure.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of the procedure depend on the method chosen as well. Some results are long-lasting and may last for a lifetime as well. However, others may last for a few months or years. Surgical treatments are mostly long-lasting and non-surgical treatments are temporary.

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