Hybrid Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

People with big bald areas on their head can now benefit from the Hybrid Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. This treatment makes use of both the transplant techniques i.e. FUE and FUT.  The main difference between the FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures is that these are different technologies to take the hair follicles from the donor area. The implanting methods remain the same. Read all about the treatment on the page below

Essence of Treatment

The main goal of the treatment is to extract as many hair follicles and grafts as possible to cover up the balding area. It aims to leave the recipients with thick and volumized hair and improve their appearance naturally.


The hybrid treatment provides the best results leaving the recipients happy and confident with their appearance. It results in a head full of healthy hair with increased density and volume. The results are not instant and take time to be visible i.e. several months. However, once the final results start showing, they are permanent and stay for a lifetime.


  • It enhances the appearance of the individual
  • The recipient becomes more confident in themselves with an increased self-esteem
  • It provides the individual with a head full of healthy hair
  • This treatment is more effective as compared to using a single method of transplantation
  • It makes the person look a lot younger than their age
  • The results look natural and appealing when carried out by an experienced surgeon

Ideal Candidate

  • People with bald patches on their head who wishes to fulfill them
  • A person with a lot of area on their head to be covered therefore requiring a lot of grafts
  • Someone who does not wish to go bald in the future and continues to have at least half an inch of hair on their head
  • A medically healthy individual
  • Someone who understands the treatment and is mentally prepared for the procedure
  • A person who does not suffer from any serious skin condition

How does it work?

The Hybrid Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain works by making use of both methods of hair transplant i.e. the FUT and FUE. It is recommended for individuals who have high-grade hair loss for example stages V, VI, or VII. It gives a natural look if carried out right by an experienced hair transplant specialist.


The doctor first has a detailed discussion with the patient about their problems and requirements for the treatment. A thorough physical checkup is carried out by the doctor to see the current condition of the patient. Their medical history is reviewed and blood tests may also be carried out for the diagnosis of the thinning and balding.

Once the initial checkup is complete the doctor plans a customized treatment according to the condition and requirements of the patient. Before starting the treatment the patient needs to follow some doctor’s instructions to prepare for the treatment

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided
  • Blood-thinning medicines and any other medication that can affect the treatment should also be stopped
  • Clear out any confusion regarding the treatment with the surgeon


The procedure takes longer than any other single hair transplant technique. It can be carried out in a single session or multiple sessions depending on the current condition of the patient and their desired results. The treatment consists of three main steps discussed below

  • In the first step, the treatment area is disinfected and local anesthesia is introduced to numb the scalp. This is done to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.
  • Then comes the extraction process, the extraction method consists of two different techniques, i.e. the FUE and FUT. In FUE single follicles are extracted at a time whereas in FUT a strip of scalp with healthy hair follicles is removed from which the technician extracts the healthy hair follicles.
  • In the final step, the prepared grafts are delicately placed into the region of the head where balding spots or hair are thinning. It is done by making small cuts into the scalp according to the desired depth.

Aftercare and Recovery

The recovery period can be lengthier than other transplant techniques. On the surgical region(s) bandages are applied that are removed in some days. The doctor should be visited regularly to make sure there are no post-op complications and to keep track of the healing. The patient should also follow the doctor’s guidelines on how to care for the treated regions.

Cost of Hybrid Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi

The average cost of the treatment ranges from AED 4,999 to AED 8,999. It depends on the current condition and expected results of the patient, the doctor’s expertise and experience also affect the cost. The final cost is decided after keeping in mind all the factors affecting it.

Why choose our clinic?

The hair transplant surgeons at the Enfield Royal clinic are highly qualified and experienced professionals. They offer the best treatment that provides the desired results leaving the patients happy and satisfied. The staff of the clinic is well trained and friendly which ensures that the patients are comfortable and relaxed during their visits to the clinic. We believe in the equality and superiority of all our clients thereby treating them all with dignity and respect. The patient-centric approach of our clinic makes us your best choice!

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