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Male pattern baldness results due to genetic reasons with an increase in age. The only permanent solution to this is a hair transplant. When going for a transplant for the hairline certain things are needed to be kept in mind. These include the positioning of the hairline, the density of hair on the hairline, and the selection of hair follicles. To get the best possible results it is important to carefully select the hair transplant clinic and the surgeon carrying out the procedure. Read all about the Natural Hairline Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain on this page. 

Essence of Treatment:

The treatment aims to bring back the natural hairline of the recipient. It enhances the appearance of the person and makes them more confident in themselves. The procedure is to make the hair look denser and thicker on the head.


The treatment results in the restoration of the hairline of the person that looks natural and appealing. The results are not immediately visible and may take several months or up to a year for the final results to be seen. These results are permanent and last for a lifetime. It also depends on how well the patient takes care of their hair.

Causes of receding hairline:

  • The following factors may cause the hairline to recede:
  • Applying hair products containing chemicals,
  • Age factor,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Certain hairstyles,
  • Genetics,
  • Drugs,
  • Medical problems

Pros of the treatment:

  • It transforms the hairline and improves the appearance of the recipient
  • The new hairline is much denser, full and thick
  • The results are guaranteed and look natural
  • The self-esteem and confidence of the person are increased
  • It makes the individual less self-conscious about their self
  • The baldness and hair thinning are eliminated
  • The procedure is very cost-effective in the longer run

Ideal Candidate:

  • The individuals, i.e. both men and women, who have stable baldness on their hairline
  • A candidate with a good donor region on the head
  • Someone who does not suffer from any medical condition or disease
  • Anyone who is mentally prepared for the treatment
  • A person who is committed to the aftercare of the treated area
  • An individual who fully understands the procedure and its possible risks
  • A person who is conscious about their receding hairline and wishes to restore it

How does it work?

The Natural Hairline Treatment in Abu Dhabi works by moving hair from an area of the head with denser hair to the hairline in such a way that the re-growth of the hair looks natural and appealing.


The treatment is often carried out in multiple sessions. The time taken for each session depends on the expected results and the current condition of the recipient. After each session, the patient is allowed to go home. The method of FUE is adopted by the surgeon to restore the hairline. There are three main steps of the procedure

  • The first step is the extraction process in which hair follicles are extracted from the area with dense hair on the head
  • In the second step, the sites for the hair follicles are created. In this part, the surgeon makes small and precise cuts in such a way that when the hair follicles will be transplanted, they give a natural look.
  • The last step is the insertion of the grafts carefully into the incisions by the surgeon. This is best done one by one to provide a natural appearance.

Aftercare and Recovery:

Post-op care is very important to avoid any complications and get the best possible and desired results. The treatment area is bandaged which takes a day or two to be removed by the doctor. Detailed guidelines are provided to the patient that is to be followed strictly

  • For the first 2 days, the scalp and the hair should not be touched or washed
  • The hairline area should not be scratched as it can affect the healing and the results
  • Mild shampoo should be used to wash the hair as suggested by the doctor
  • Keep the treated area away and protected from the sun
  • Apply the ointment on the treated area if prescribed by the doctor

Cons of the procedure:

  • There is a risk of infection in the treated region
  • There can be bleeding in the hairline area
  • The results can appear unnatural if carried out by an inexperienced surgeon


The cost of the procedure ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 18,999 depending upon several factors like the area being treated, the current condition of the patient, expectations from the procedure, and the expertise of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. The final cost is decided by the doctor after considering all these factors.

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