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Robotic Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain differs from a normal procedure of transplantation in way that it doesn’t involve the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Instead, a robot guided by digital imaging and artificial intelligence assists the process of removal of hair follicles from the donor area and the implantation of those extracted follicles into the area where the density or the volume of hair is relatively less. This treatment is more useful as it is more precise and less damaging to the overall condition of hair follicles. It is usually employed to improve the density volume or the distribution of hair on one’s head.

Aim of the Treatment:

the primary purpose of the invention of this technology is twofold: 1) it removes the role of the human element in the process of extraction and reimplantation of hair follicles and this reduces the complications and increases the efficiency, 2) it is guided by modern technology such as artificial intelligence and digital imaging thus erasing the possibility of human error.


Grafted hair starts to shed and reappear and grow after three to four months of the procedure. most of the growth takes place between five to twelve months after the initial procedure. also, the recovery time is relatively less. A patient could start their normal life within 7-10 days of the treatment.


This technology is beneficial to the clients for various reasons. To begin with, it’s relatively safer and more efficient than any other alternative techniques available to treat the condition of hair loss. Moreover, it produces extraordinary results as the process is more mechanical than humanly intervened. Finally, the results produced are long-lasting.

Ideal Candidate:

If you have bald patches on your head, the density of hair is low or your hairline is receding, you’re more likely to be advised by your consultant to undergo this treatment.

How does it work?

For Hair Transplantation using a robot, the extraction of hair follicles is done using a machine. The hair expert inserts the patient’s information into the machine and then this machine carries out the extraction process. The implantation of these extracted hair follicles is however done manually by making tiny cuts on the recipient area.


The skincare expert first thoroughly examines the patient’s head and has a thorough conversation with them about their problem areas, concerns, and aspirations for the treatment. To determine what is causing the patient’s hair fall and thinning, the doctor may also recommend some blood tests before the therapy and study the patient’s medical history. Following the first examination, the doctor designs a treatment plan according to the patient’s needs and gets the applicant ready for the surgery.

The patient must adhere to certain doctor’s recommendations to prepare for the treatment before having it done.

  • Before therapy, the applicant has to quit using all blood-thinning drugs, vitamins, and supplements
  • Before the surgery, the patient shouldn’t apply any chemicals to their scalp.
  • Avoiding drinking and smoking is also a good idea.


The scalp is first numbed for the Robotic Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi by a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during the treatment.

  • The back of the head is then addressed with a tiny, rectangle tool shaped like a picture frame.
  • The robotic system places itself automatically in the donor region.
  • The scalp is scanned using a punch instrument to look for potential follicular extraction sites.
  • After identifying the follicular units, a dual punching method is employed.
  • The outer blunt instrument separates the graft from the surrounding skin while the inner sharp tool slices the skin around the graft.
  • The next graft to be extracted is then found by the robotic system.
  • Until the robot has finished harvesting the grafts from all of the designated areas, the cycle is repeated.
  • The crew carefully extracts the grafts from the head after the procedure is finished. 
  • For a subsequent session of harvesting, the instrument is further transported to a different location.
  • It keeps on until enough follicular units are taken.
  • After completion of the extraction process, the surgeon manually implants these grafts onto the recipient area that needs more hair.


The patient must adhere to a few key post-instruction that the surgeon provides. To attain the best outcomes and to prevent or reduce the risk of any postoperative complications, they are crucial.

  • Even though the treatment area might be itchy, it should not be scratched or touched.
  • Exercise that causes perspiration on the scalp, such as strenuous activities, should also be refrained.
  • Alcohol and smoking both have an impact on the outcomes and healing process, thus these vices should also be avoided.
  • Additionally, swimming should be discontinued for however long the doctor directs.


The average expense of the procedure ranges from AED – to AED -. It depends on a variety of variables, including the number of hair follicles to be transplanted, the recipient’s anticipated outcomes, and the surgeon’s level of experience. After taking into account all the variables that affect the cost, the surgeon determines the final cost.

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