Mons Ptosis and Labial Sagging in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Enfield Royal

When a woman gains weight or gets skinny both conditions result in the increase or sagging of labia and other pubic parts. But these issues can be a source of other health problems also irritation and discomfort can occur because of this. The sexual life of a woman suffers due to this resulting in a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. But the natural look & appearance of the labial part can be restored by the Mons Ptosis and Labial Sagging treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain treatment. You can get it for the revival of your labia.

What is Mons Ptosis and Labial Sagging?

When the labial area and the mons ptosis lose their shape then sagging occurs. This is caused by the aging phenomenon in women. The grafting technique can restore the shape of the labia. processes that are utilized to rejuvenate the labia & mons ptosis are labiaplasty & monsplasty. These treatments help in gaining the original shape of the pubic area which is tight and does not lose mass. Other factors that contribute to the sagging phenomena are pregnancy, childbirth, and the atrophy of fat tissues.

Why Monsplasty and labiaplasty are Done?

The extra skin on the labia and the pubic area which causes it to appear saggy are cut down with the help of these surgeries. Monsplasty is specifically carried out to do the pubic lift and this improves the shape of mons ptosis. This generates a feeling of confidence and happiness in the patient. The procedure takes place with an abdominoplasty because when the tummy tuck happens then the surgery becomes more successful by coming way more effective.

Labiaplasty is usually for the restoration of the labial size. When the labial measure gets increased then this surgery works to improve the size. To make your labia minora and Majora tight, the surgeon will cut the extra tissues in that area. Also, when woman dislikes the size and look of their labia they undergo such treatments and these procedures give the outcomes as per desire. 


The benefit connected to this surgery are as follows:

  • Discomfort and irritation will be reduced after the procedure
  • You will enjoy sex more as the pleasure will increase
  •  Easy wearing clothes with no more visibility of your genitals
  • Elevated confidence and make yourself assured
  • Your pubic part will appear more young & aesthetic and candidates don’t need to get embarrassed in front of their partners.
  • Your hygiene will get ameliorate

Who is the Perfect Nominee?

You can be an ideal individual for the treatment in Abu Dhabi if you should contain the following properties.

  • Have changes in pubic parts after childbirth or postpartum
  • Women have natural large labia minora and Majora
  • A woman who wants to boost their sexual pleasure
  • To get an increase in the confidence
  • When you are not a smoker
  • Do not take alcohol
  • Not on medications and have no medical history
  • Sagging pubic parts


To make a patient prepare for the surgery the doctor will advise her about the procedure complications & overall strategy of the treatment. Patients get mentally and physically prepared for the therapy before the treatment. Individuals stop taking alcohol prior to the surgery and the alcohol must be eliminated. Medicines like aspirin and steroids should not be taken. Start taking a nutritious diet so that you make your immune strong to have a speedy recovery. 


To process the treatment the doctor will insert anesthesia into the patient’s mons ptosis and abdomen area. This will make her numb and she’ll not feel any pain. After this, certain markings will be done to do proper incisions. Then the surgery will be carried out in which the additional skin will be removed with the help of a scalpel. The process also makes your skin tight and reduces sagginess. The incisions that were done will be closed by the stitches and then strips are applied. When the surgery will be done the patient may have to stay in the hospital for that night. 


As you are under anesthesia it will take some time to get conscious after the procedure. You may feel irritation or itching in the lower abdominal part. Swelling and bruising can occur when the treatment finishes. The recovery time will be swift if the patient follows up on all the guidelines given by the doctor. A woman should slowly walk after 2 days of the treatment. She will be able to work after six to seven days. Do not go to the gym or do heavy exercises after the therapy. The complete healing will take about 1 to 2 months. When the recovery span will get finished then the final outcome of monsplasty appears.

Can Insurance cover the price of Treatment?

The cost of the treatment can not be covered by insurance as it is cosmetic surgery. Only medical concerns get treated by the insurance. The fee for the Mons Ptosis & Labial Sagging treatment in Abu Dhabi variates between AED 1599 to AED 3899. The final charges will be decided by the medic when the patient visits the clinic.

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