Penile Enlargement in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Enlargement Cost UAE

Don’t be underconfident due to your small size penis!

Men always remain tensed thinking to make their partner satisfy and this satisfaction is connected to the size of their penis. If you have a small size penis your partner will be less pleased. Not all men have a perfect size or the shape of penis they want. Being not in proper shape and size can hurt sexual relationships & ultimately make them less confident. They start to blame themselves & their mental health suffers. To get the wished penis size, you have to go for Penile Enlargement in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain! Enfield Royal Clinic has sexologists who are using modern techniques to improve men’s penis measurement & this shoot up their self-confidence!

About Treatment:

To enhance the girth of the penis men undergo this treatment. The increment is done by the utilization of various methods like silicone implants and the introduction of fat cells into the penis. It is not like penis enlargement oil that gives slow results. This makes the penis wider & larger. Different techniques are utilized to carry out the process like liposuction. It will restore the straight appearance of your phallus.


The outcome of the Penile Enlargement in Abu Dhabi is an increase in the size of your penis up to 56% to 57%. The out-turn becomes visible after some time and remains permanent. The results depend on the expertise of the doctor. As a result of the treatment, you will feel more confident and your bed performance will improve.


The advantages related to the treatment are as follows:

  • Your sexual pleasure will be increased
  • It will enhance your confidence
  • Self-assurance
  • Large size penis
  • Satisfied relationship
  • No downtime
  • Painless surgery
  • Happy life

Ideal Candidate:

To go for the treatment a man should consider the feasible outcomes and he must have the mentioned approach:

  • He must be realistic about the results
  • Has no medical issues
  • Want to be perfect in the bed
  • Didn’t get the consequences from exercising and medicines
  • Have a small size penis
  • Unsatisfied with their penis measurement
  • Want to make their partner satisfy

What’s the Pre-strategy?

First of all, before considering the treatment for a man doctors will examine the man’s genitals and will analyze if he is suitable for the treatment or not. If necessary certain tests will be done to check the internal conditions and immune response. Your doctor will advise you to reduce smoking for some days and avoid alcohol consumption. You will be told about the complications and the small details regarding the treatment. In other words, your mind will be made prepared for penis enlargement.

Penile Enlargement Procedure:

To make an increase in the penis size distinctive procedures are used. These are as :

Penis enlargement by autologous fat:

The fat from a body part is removed by utilizing liposuction to reinsert this fat into the sexual organ. This will escalate the extremity of the dick area. This procedure is commonly in use.

Penis enhancement by dermal fillers:

This is the increment by injection fillers into the intromittent organ. These are utilized for cosmetic

Concerns and now applicable to the enhancement of the penis size too.

Implantation of the Penuma device:

This is an invasive process in which the silicone implants will be injected inside the phallus by first cutting the penis or making a small incision depending on the measurement of the implant. After the implantation of these shafts, the penis dimensions will get enlarged and the man will have more confidence.


The process makes the flabby skin of whinny, look more, by cutting the ligaments of the penile skin. The ligament will make the dermis of the penis touch the pubic bone. This ligament will then be treated with tummy fat & the penis will get enlarged.

Surgical removal of the suprapubic fat pad:

The suprapubic zone will be removed around the dick area to make the penis visible and more enhanced. This is a treatment that does not improve the measures of the penis but the appearance of the penis.

After Care:

When the treatment is done taking care will be beneficial for recovery & better outcomes. The doctor will give you advice regarding the aftercare of the treatment. Using medication can help you more in your recovery. You will be restricted from sexual activity for some days after which your doctor will tell you about the time you can again continue physical relations. Do not work hard take a rest. Do not masturbate or apply any sort of pressure on the penis.

Side effects:

When opting for a treatment a man should know about the risks and benefits related to that particular procedure. The risk relates to this surgery is minimal & the effects that can result from this are:

  • Bruises
  • Swelling
  • Infection

Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost:

The price of this Penile Enlargement in Abu Dhabi can variate from AED 9999 TO AED 11999. These depend on various factors like the number of implants to be done, the demand of the doctor, the expertise of the doctor, the standard of the clinic, the location of the clinic, and grafting sessions.

To get the final price of the treatment the patient needs to meet the doctor itself so that the doctor examines the patient itself and determines the cost accordingly.

Why Enfield Royal Clinic?

In Enfield Royal Clinic our professionals are offering their experiences to the patients and the results are according to the expectations of the patient. It’s a sensitive treatment and our doctors will carry out the treatment with great care. We are proud of ourselves as we are treating people and making them confident. You will get the outcomes as you are paying us for this. For your easiness, our clinic is providing its patients free consultation so that they can contact us to resolve their problems and get easy. To get the Penile Enlargement in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain you have to fill out the form below!


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