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Best Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Some people have always suffered due to the uncertainty of gender genre. But now thanks to modern science some methods have been introduced by which they can get a proper gender.  The processes involve the cutting and converting of the urethra, urinary tract, & genitals. It is a popular technique now as it has been successful in providing the desired outcomes to patients. By Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, one can get the proper internal organs with gender specifications. The process does not involve the reassignment of gender on the basis of being lesbian or gay instead individuals opt for the procedure because they do not feel the way they look.

What is Sexual Reassignment Surgery?

The surgery is aimed to assist people when they identify that their gender is not the same as they look natural despite it they refer to transfer their selves into the opposite sex. These gender dysphoria in candidates leads to this gender reassignment surgery. The feeling of being born with the wrong sex is eliminated by the application of this process. People become socially active in the way they look after undergoing the surgery.


The outcomes that come from this surgery are completely the way a nominee wishes. The woman gets the proper female genitals by which she can get involved in the sexual activity and can enjoy the sexual pleasure completely without the judgment of anyone if she has undergone such treatment. The male look will get more hair and the muscles will start producing on the hips and the arms will get veiny.


There are a lot of benefits related to Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Abu Dhabi involves the:

  • The confidence gained in oneself
  • Feel of satisfaction leading to a happy life
  • Less psychological anxiety
  • People who have done this surgery are less likely to smoke 
  • They get healthy when their body is in combination with their mind.

Perfect Candidate:

When the individual has the following characteristics he is termed as a perfect candidate for the above-mentioned surgery:

  • The nominee must not have the diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, or Bp issue 
  • A person should be an adult over 18
  • Want to change their gender realistically to the opposite one
  • Not feel the way they look
  • Do not smoke
  • No alcohol consumption 


To undergo Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Abu Dhabi a patient must start the hormonal therapy before either it’s estrogen or androgen. The patient should stop smoking and also alcohol consumption must be reduced. When the therapy is near then the intake of hormones should be stopped. Also, it is restricted to taking aspirin and other blood thinning medications. Try to be hygienic as much as you can. Take some loose suits that are comfortable to wear so you can wear them when the procedure is finished. Eating and drinking may be limited prior to the process.


Two types of procedures are involved in the assigning of genders these are as follows:


This procedure is used to make the vaginal part. The process always starts with the insertion of local and general anesthesia into the patient’s body. In the process, the penis and genitals of the male will be destroyed first and the skin of the penis will be utilized to construct the vaginal part which is the second step of the procedure. The remaining skin of the glans and another foreskin will be utilized to make the clitoris & labia minora. However, the labia majora will be produced by using the scrotum Also the urethra part will be cut to make it short so that the urination can take place easily. The overall treatment will take around 4 to 5 hours.


The surgery occurs when the female gets converted into a male gender. The formation of the penis is involved in this surgery. The doctor will use the muscles from different parts of the body such as the forearms, and thighs. For taking the muscles from there the medic will first remove the hair from that area through laser or other techniques. The removal of the uterus will be done at least 3 to 4 months before the surgery and the patient will start taking hormonal medicines. On the day of the operation, the surgeon will take flaps and grafts from the fatty areas, and then the labia minora be utilized to make the urethra. The labia majora will be used to create the scrotum part. The areas from where the grafts are taken will be healed automatically when the doctor will apply stitches. 


When the procedure will be done the patient will be given some advice to follow so that he can heal quickly. You will remain in the clinic for almost 7 days after the treatment. You will be told not to lift heavy objects as it can affect the stitches. A catheter will help you in urination also the surgeon will tell you about the use of that catheter. You will need to visit the clinic repeatedly after surgery. Do not wear dresses that apply pressure on the treated area. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for some days after the procedure. Take hygienic measures properly. Do not get involved in sexual activity for almost 60 days.

Recovery Time:

The healing time for Sexual Reassignment Surgery in Abu Dhabi is about 1 and a half years. You will be able to walk and continue your activities when 2 months will pass. But the complete recovery will be done within a year. 


The cost related to the procedure variates from AED 24999 TO AED 59999 relying on the condition of the patient, number of sessions needed, services required, complexity of the procedure, and number of days for which you are staying in the hospital, the site of the clinic and the demand of the doctor. The final cost for the treatment will be told by the doctor after consultation.

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