Best Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

In an environment where sun exposure is more the chances to get pigmentation issue is also more common and these days people are getting exposed to the sunlight causing damage to their own skin. Sunbeams destroy the skin & force it to produce melanin which absorbs more light resulting in skin that has extra dark spots and black areas. The face looks unattractive & damaged. With this facial look, individuals get embarrassed and their confidence lacks which affects their mental health in the long term. But the best way to eliminate this problem additionally to gain confidence back is Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Abu Dhabi!

Laser Pigmentation Treatment: 

In the procedure, a laser beam is utilized to remove the pigments and spots from the different body parts. This procedure works by destroying the pigments and scattering them so that they get removed. Also to treat the pigments on the lips there is a lips pigmentation laser treatment in Abu Dhabi after which the pigments will get dry and will automatically fall. The procedure will target the affected area however the nearby region will be safe and secure. The outcomes of the procedure are always successful and in practice for several years.

Reason for Pigmentation:

When we observe the sources for the pigmentation there are various reasons that come in front. Some of which are so common that we can not avoid the even by trying. The causes which are responsible for pigmentation are sun exposure as it damages the skin and increases melanocyte production, Lack of iron in the blood affects the skin tone, and if you have undergone an allergic reaction, harmful radiations are also a source of discoloration.


A patient will get clear skin that does not contain any spots. You should hope for removal or lightening of pigments up to 80%. In order to get the final and perfect results, you need to receive two to three sessions.


The benefits that can be gained by the Laser Treatment for Pigmentation in Abu Dhabi are the ones present below:

  • You will achieve light and clear skin
  • The openings on the skin will be closed after the procedure
  • The pigments eliminate
  • There are no risks related to the process
  • A pain-free treatment that will give desired outcomes
  • No downtime
  • Cost-effective
  • Confidence will be improved

Should i Get the Treatment? 

You should get the treatment when you have the facial look which shows dark patches and spots all over the skin or they can be on any part of your body. You should be an adult if you are considering this treatment a solution. A non-smoker & non-alcoholic is the best nominee for the procedure. To get confidence and have a realistic approach to the treatment. You do not have any skin infections.

Parts that Can be Treated:

This treatment is not only limited to the facial area but other body parts can be operated on as well. Parts of the body that are curable by this treatment are:

  • Facial areas
  • Arms 
  • Legs 
  • Cheeks
  • Shoulder area

The strategy of Laser Treatment:

To proceed with the treatment the physician will apply the numbing lotion to the targeted area to avoid any kind of irritation or discomfort after which the patient will apply the laser beam which will cause the stimulation of collagen production. This also eliminates the pigments from the skin by the heat phenomena. You will get healthy skin at the end of the procedure. The total time the process will take is around 30 minutes to 1 hour. 


The Laser Pigmentation Treatment costs in Abu Dhabi range from AED 200 to AED 400. There are various elements that decide the cost of the procedure these are the site of the clinic, the demand of the doctor, the expertise of the physician, the experience of the clinic, and the condition of the patient. The final price for the treatment will be told by the medic after the first consultation.

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