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Cellulite is one of the main problems of a modern woman in the UAE. The unaesthetic tuberosity on the hips does not fit into the style of contemporary life at all. Therefore the most extreme attention has to be paid to getting rid of cellulite. All three branches of the science of beauty have anti-cellulite products. Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain approaches radically, creating the opportunity to get rid of cellulite along with the subcutaneous layer of fat during liposuction surgery.


At its core, cellulite results from a metabolic disorder in the connective tissue and subcutaneous fat, a manifestation of their dystrophic processes. The causes of the problem include:

Hormonal Factor:

The imbalance of female sex hormones and the violation of their metabolism leads to a slowdown in the metabolism of fats, resulting in body weight changes.

Alimentary factor:

Adipose tissue can increase its volume compared to others. Excess nutrition and an unbalanced diet raise fat production, provoking hyperinsulinemia. An increase in fat cells leads to oxygen starvation, deterioration of microcirculation, tissue edema.

Vascular factor:

Violation of blood flow and lymph flow is observed at all stages of cellulite development. Lymphostasis and obstruction of venous outflow in the formation area contribute to petechial hemorrhages and an increase in capillary permeability, which leads to a violation of microcirculation and metabolism of collagen fibers and a slowdown in fat metabolism.


Cellulite treatment with shock wave therapy is a guaranteed and quick relief from an aesthetic problem that has been tormenting you for years. The standard course of treatment involves 3 to 10 sessions, depending on the stage of cellulite and the severity of skin changes.

Best Cellulite Removal Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Best Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi

Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Clinic Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi


The treatment can give the following advantages:

Elimination of Excess Fat: The effectiveness of the procedures is based on the drainage of tissues, improvement of blood circulation, and reduction of interstitial edema at the same time as the elimination of dense nodules and excess fat.

Individual Approach: The choice of the type of procedure for the treatment of cellulite depends on the stage of its development. Highly qualified specialists of our clinic will diagnose and select an individual course of therapy.

Versatility: The device affects all areas where there is cellulite, including hard-to-reach places at the waist, stomach, inner and outer thighs, upper arms.


Like any corrective intervention in the body’s functioning, cellulite treatment cannot do without a thorough examination and search for possible contraindications. If none are found, the patient is admitted to the procedure.

Laser is a non-surgical technique, so local anesthesia is used in most cases. The area needing correction is covered with a special gel and treated with ultrasound. No traces remain on the skin; the risk of injury is absent.

Treatment Options:

Cellulite treatment is carried out in the following ways:

Laser Treatment:

Deep laser stimulation activates blood circulation and promotes the growth of new capillaries. Massage under aspiration improves lymph flow and restores skin elasticity due to tissue stimulation. The local cooling system tones blood vessels’ walls to help reduce body volume, resulting in reduced swelling.

Radiofrequency Therapy:

RF lipolysis affects the level of subcutaneous fat, which improves blood circulation, accelerates the process of splitting fats, hypertrophic fat cells stop putting pressure on the skin – as a result, the skin condition improves, cellulite becomes less noticeable.


This cellulite treatment method does not require a lengthy recovery – 5-7 days are enough. Improvements will be noticeable immediately; however, to fully appreciate the impact of ultrasonic liposuction, you will have to wait a month, a maximum of two.


The cost of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain can range from AED 6999 to AED 9999. After the initial consultation, the doctor determines the actual cost because it varies from case to case, and several factors affect it.

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