Smoker's Lips Treatment

One of the most obvious and common side effects of smoking, among the thousands of others, is the appearance of dark lips. Several techniques are opted by the people with dark lips to lighten it. These include the use of expensive skincare products and other home remedies. The results of these are very slow and have a long downtime period before results start becoming visible. to get quick and effective results, people can get professional help. The Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is one of the most effective and best procedures with guaranteed results.

Why Do People Get Smoker’s Lips?

The thousands of chemicals that cigarettes contain are toxic not only to the insides of the body but also to the skin. These also react with the skin of the lips. The blood flow to the skin is restricted due to this reaction and also the production of melanin production is increased as a body’s reaction to protect the skin of the lips from the chemicals. This causes the skin to become uneven and pigmented. If a person starts noticing these symptoms, immediate help should be taken before the condition worsens.

Results of Smoker’s Lips Treatment: 

Each individual has different results from the treatment. The results start being visible after several sessions. The lips appear to be noticeably lighter and pinker in color. The results are more effective if the skincare professional that carries out the treatment, is well trained and experienced.

Smoker Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi Smokers Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Smokers Lips Treatment Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Best Somkers Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi Smokers Lift Clinic in Abu Dhabi Smokers Lift Clinic in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain


  • It lightens the otherwise dark lips
  • It is only the pigmentation that is targeted
  • The production of collagen is stimulated
  • The appearance of lips is enhanced
  • It restores the confidence of the individual
  • The extra melanin is removed

Ideal Candidate:

  • A person who is medically healthy and does not suffer from any serious condition or disease
  • Someone with visibly dark lips
  • A person who wishes to lighten their lips and restore the original color
  • A candidate with realistic expectations from the procedure
  • An individual who does not have dry lips is ideal for the treatment

Treatments for Smoker’s Lips:

Check out the most effective Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.


Several injections are used by the skincare professional to restore the pink shade of the lips. These address the lip lines as well along with pigmentation. Using a fine and small needle, the solution is administered in several places on the lips. The injections include Dermal fillers, Dysport, Juvederm, and botox.


This is one of the most effective treatments for dark lips. The melanin on the lips that causes the appearance of dark lips is broken down by the laser light. This removes the uppermost layer of the skin that is damaged due to smoking and other conditions. An experienced dermatologist is to carry out the procedure and several sessions are required to achieve maximum results. The procedure only takes a few minutes to carry out.


The Chemical peels are used by the skin specialist to remove the outer dark layer of the lips. The inner skin layer that emerges is lighter and pinker in color. The main step for this procedure is the choice of chemical peel. The skin care professional first examines the lips of the candidate and then picks the best possible option and the amount to be used according to the skin and current condition of the skin.


The dermatologist exfoliates the lips using several scrubs. The scrub is prepared clinically by the staff after a detailed examination of the lips and the skin. It is different for each patient. The scrub is gently applied to the lips and massaged in circular motions. This removed the dead skin, hydrates it, and plumps it.

Lip Mask:

Special lip masks are provided by the clinic that is infused with collagen. The risk of Melanin is reduced and it also moisturized the lips. These also address dry and pale lips. There is however some downtime with the masks and thus in-office procedures are preferred for quick and effective results.

Please Note:

The mentioned Dark Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi are all carried out exclusively depending on the patient and their condition. All these procedures are quick and take a few minutes or at max an hour to carry out. Several sessions are required to achieve optimum results.


Post-treatment instructions are provided to the patient that is to be followed to avoid any complications and get the best results.

  • The activity that causes smoker’s lips is to be avoided in the future to maintain the results
  • The individual should keep their body hydrated and drink a lot of water
  • Lip biting and licking should also be avoided
  • Lip-sucking is also to be avoided
  • Good lip products should be used that do not contain lead and other chemicals that can affect the skin of the lips

Side Effects:

  • Immediately after the treatment, the lips may be swollen and red
  • The skin of the lips is sensitive for the first couple of days
  • There is a risk of infection if not taken care of properly

Cost of Smoker’s Lips Treatment:

The average cost for Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 759 to AED 1,999. The prices may vary for each individual. The final cost is determined by the skin care professional after the first consultation depending on the technique to be used, the number of sessions required, and the expected results of the candidate.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results are long-lasting and last for a long time. However, it depends on how well the candidate maintains the results and whether they stop smoking. Continuing to smoke may result in the appearance of dark lips again in the future.

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