Spectra Laser Carbon Peel

About Spectra Laser Carbon Peel?

It is an absolute method for refreshing the skin that is guarded and tenders for any type of skin and delivers outcomes with minimum or no downtime.
This method is carried out to lessen the visibility of numerous circumstances of the skin that include facial lines, acne scars, patches on the skin, discoloration, imperfections, and so much more. It is capable of assembling the pores that are larger and will be less visible. The Spectra Laser Carbon Peel in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is the most successful and guarded way.

Essence of the Treatment:

The method at Enfield Royal Clinic is carried out to diminish the aging signs and renewal of the skin with improvement in the skin that is damaged, the method of the Spectra laser in Abu Dhabi is swift, safe, and smooth way which is beneficial for all types of skin.
The color and visibility of the skin are evened by diminishing the visibility of the marks and blemishes and assembling your skin feel and appear youthful.

However, one session is sufficient to make a difference but attaining several treatments with duration will be more beneficial.


Spectra Laser Carbon Peel in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain performs very smoothly without causing any harm to the cells of the skin. Simultaneously the impact of the method is immediate and over the period it grows. Bringing not only a refreshing appearance but also making it healthier by diminishing the marks of aging.

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Advantages & Disadvantages:

We all are aware of the fact that every method has several benefits and a few disadvantages as well. In the tables below are listed the advantages and disadvantages of Spectra Laser Carbon Peel Abu Dhabi:



  • Pores are unclogged.
  • The skin color is enhanced overall.
  • Assist to dispose of the acne.
  • The formation of oil is regulated.
  • The appearance of fine lines and discoloration are diminished.
  • Beneficial for all types of skin.
  • Huge pores are shrunk.
  • Itchiness.
  • Puffiness.
  • Feeling of piercing.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • The disease might be caused.
  • Skin Exfoliation.

Perfect Candidate:

As per Enfield Royal Clinic, the method is good for all skin types, and the candidate perfect for this are who are willing to:  

  •  Diminish the droopy skin.
  •  Eliminate excessive oil and sebum.
  •  Lessen and refine the pores that are huge.
  •  Reduction in the clarity of fine lines and creases of the skin.
  •  Eases in tackling hyperpigmentation.
  •  Lessen the visibility of wrinkles and facial lines.
  •  Refresh and get the skin to look like a celebrity.


  • Before undergoing the process it is guided to follow the instructions of the dermatologist attentively, including:
  • Do not take any blood thinners.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol.
  • Prevent from going under the sun 7 days before the procedure.
  • Before going out apply a good sunblock with a powerful SPF.
  • Retrain from smoking a month prior to the method.

What is the Technique?

The method takes about 60 minutes approximately to complete, the dermatologist will begin the method by applying a lotion of spectra that contains the base of carbon to the surface of the skin of the contender which appears like a clay pack.


After that, the special energy of the laser is transferred to the areas infected with the skin resulting in the depletion of the deformity of the skin such as acne scars, creases, and discoloration. Several times laser will be gone through the skin.


After the method, the dermatologist will ask the contender to follow guidelines to ease you to attain the best and most effective method. For maintaining the outcome, the individual needs to follow the below common aftercare guidance, that are:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Prevent exposing the skin to the sun.
  • Keep clean and dry the region undergone the method.
  • Restrain from drinking alcohol.
  • To control burning ice packs will be used.
  • Avoid washing the treated places for a complete day.


According to Enfield Royal Clinic, The standard cost of the process ranges from AED 400 to AED 3000. There are numerous other elements that influence the price of the method including:

  • The method used.
  • The number of sessions required.
  • Qualification of the dermatologist.
  • The location and level of the clinic.
  • Other expenses.

How Many Sessions are Required?

To make the effect last for a long time, following at least 4 to 7 sessions might be helpful towards appealing results.

Why Choose Us!

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