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Women when become married it is expected that she had to give birth one after the other. This can affect the health of women. First of all, all women should consider their health for this they need to take a break from pregnancy. There are different procedures to prevent pregnancy but these are not as effective as the Contraception treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain People can stop getting pregnant with this contraception and woman become able to focus on their health by gaining space between pregnancies!

Why Contraception is Done?

When a woman needs to get a break from becoming a mom this method is used. This causes the woman to have a gap in her pregnancy. Contraceptives reduce the pregnancy issue and the cancers related to the reproductive regions are also controlled by this. Women do not have to do sex with the tension that they will get pregnant and their relationship with their partner improves. Elimination of various medicines and pills is connected to this Contraception treatment in Abu Dhabi.

How does it work? 

  • Contraception works by keeping the sperm and the egg separate from each other. When they will not meet the process of zygote formation will never start and there will be no pregnancy. 
  • Sometimes, this works by stopping the production of an egg when there will be no egg the sperm will not come across it and the woman will not conceive
  • Otherwise, when the zygote (fertilized egg) is formed this contraception does not allow it to get attached to the mother’s womb and this way prevents the pregnancy.


The consequences of the treatment will be visible after 30 days. The outcomes depend on the expertise of the doctor so choose you should choose a doctor wisely as it is concerned with your reproductive parts. After getting the treatment the patient becomes relaxed and the tension regarding pregnancy wipe out.


A lot of advantages are related to the treatment. Some of them are as follows:

  • No unwanted pregnancy
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Simple and easy way
  • Easy utilization
  • No periods or fewer periods

Contraception Methods:

There are various types by which contraception can be done. These are sometimes not as useful as the Contraception treatment in Abu Dhabi. These ways are as follows:

  • Individuals use condoms to prevent the erection of sperms in the vagina
  • Sometimes women take contraceptive pills to prevent the pregnancy
  • Injections having the contraceptive material are also used
  • Intrauterine devices are also utilized

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

To get the treatment you should have the following features and your doctor will tell you if you are a candidate for the treatment or not after the examination.

  • Have no severe medical history
  • Good mental and physical health
  • Have no liver disorders and problems
  • Genital areas are in good condition
  • Want a stress-free life
  • Desire to relieve pain
  • Want to have a gap between pregnancies


  • Before carrying out the procedure the doctor needs to examine the patient’s condition properly and then they will recommend a contraception method.
  • Consider all the outcomes of the treatment
  • You will have the chance to think about your decision until the treatment will be done. 
  • Before the treatment, you might use some medications to get prepared for the procedure.
  • The different pelvic tests will be carried out to check the internal issue if there are any.
  • Our doctors will ask about the medical history to offer the best treatment type


To carry out the procedure it is necessary that a doctor apply numbing cream to the specific area so that the patient does not feel any pain and after that proper markings will be done to get specific to the area and to avoid any inconvenience during the procedure then the contraceptive implant will be inserted by doing a cut in the area. Then the doctor will stitch the wounds and proper dressings will be applied to treat the incisions. In this treatment, vaginal examinations are not required and the device will be attached.

What to do After the Treatment?

To get the desired result aftercare is also essential and the individual must take care of herself to speed up the recovery time. The care or the steps that should be followed by the patient will be told by the doctor. Patients are advised not to use any sort of contraception pill and medicines after the treatment. Try to maintain a proper diet schedule to obtain proper nutrition. Do sex with condoms and avoid condom-free intercourse. After the treatment, you have to consult the doctor to analyze the condition.

Fee for the Treatment:

The cost of the treatment can variate depending on multiple factors such as the level of the clinic, expertise of the doctor, the results of the clinic regarding the treatment, and the demand of the gynecologist. The final and confirmed price for the procedure will be given by the doctor on the first consultation.

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