Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Women usually do not discuss sexual disabilities with their partners and doctors. This results in the suffering of women sexually which hurts their mental health as well.  The lack of satisfaction during intercourse with no fun also there is no proper orgasm even if the partner is good. These all are due to female sexual dysfunction. But there are treatments for such issues but the woman needs to talk about it and should approach the Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain!

Female Sexual Dysfunction:

When women are not able to perform sexual activities the way they need to do and have pain during sex, a decrease in female sexual desire, or less intense orgasm then this is Female Sexual Dysfunction. These problems related to the sexual parts of a woman can occur at any stage of life. These complications whenever occurred in life lead to a stressful life, discomfort, and anxiety. The reasons for this abnormality can be emotional distress or the lifestyles of the woman. The reasons are usually more than one.


The signs that show that the patient is suffering from this disease are the following:

  • Wish for sex decreases
  • Sexual arousal deformities
  • Less intense orgasm or no orgasm at all
  • Aching during intercourse and sex

Causes and Consequences of the Dysfunction:

The main causes for the condition to occur are the period after childbirth and the time span of menopause. The other conditions that contribute to the Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Abu Dhabi are cancers of the reproductive part, a woman can develop diabetes, Heart issues can occur due to this dysfunction, blood circulatory disorders also kidney and bladder diseases cause this situation to happen. When the level of estrogen decreases or fluctuates then the female need for sex and these activities also variates. Depression, anxiety, and stress also are leading reasons for this complication.

How does Diagnosis for Female Sexual Dysfunction Occurs?

Different ways for its diagnosis are there. These are applied depending on the condition. Sometimes a blood test will be taken to check the hormonal levels in the blood as well as the presence of any medical condition will be analyzed in the test. If require the doctor will do pelvic ultrasounds for the inspection of any abnormality in that region. In this, the vaginal part, uterus, and bladder will be examined to check whether conditions like vaginal dryness, loss of flexibility, or some other issue are present. This will all happen when you will discuss your condition with your sexologist.

Treatments That are Done:

PRP and O-Shot:

By this treatment which is referred to as O-shot, the doctor will inject the natural blood cells rich in platelets. This is the blood that is withdrawn from the patient’s body. The use of these injections is popular as these are natural and no side effects are involved in utilizing this procedure. The results of this treatment are not only the benefits related to the sex but also the urinary problems that can be treated.


For men, the dysfunction will be treated by the use of man’s own blood having more growth factors in it in the form of injection. These injectables will be inserted into the penis of the man the outcome will be according to the wish and the desire for sex will improve.

Vaginal Laser Treatment:

When the woman is in the phase of menopause the female sexual hormones fluctuates and then the doctor will go for this therapy as it will eliminate the disorders that occur due to menopause. In this process, a narrow cylinder will be inserted into the vagina of the lady that emits a laser that treats the vaginal part of the woman. This makes the vagina of a woman thick and causes the lubrication of the vulvar area. 

Androgen Therapy:

Androfill injections is done to maintain the level of androgen in the woman’s body if it has been increased from the normal level. Also to treat the prostate gland to stop prostate cancer to occur. Levels of testosterone play part in the sexual dysfunction of women.


After the therapy is done the patient needs to follow the advice that a doctor gives. Try to be hygienic after the treatment as it will make you safe from infections that can be fungal or bacterial. You may have given some ointments and creams to treat the vagina. Do not get harsh on the treated areas as these are sensitive. Also, avoid doing exercises or hard workouts.

Cost :

The price for the treatment are form AED 999 TO AED 5000 The charges for the process rely on different factors like the location and demand of the clinic. Other factors do contribute in the fee but the final expense for procedure will be told by the doctor. 

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