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With time different hormonal changes take place in a female body, which leads to changes in the overall body function of the woman, mostly its sexual parts. Due to childbirth, women undergo a lot of changes in the vaginal area including dryness and soreness of the vagina. Orgasmic shots treat the problems of your genitals that occur due to old age and childbirth problems but sometimes the working of the vagina is not well even at a young age so women can get these shots to improve the issues related to their genitals. Our Orgasmic Shot Treatment in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain is here to treat your genital problems.

Orgasmic Shot:

A growth factor called platelets is used in orgasmic shots. These platelets are naturally present inside the human body and contain growth factors. These factors when injected into the body cause the generation process. New blood cells are formed inside the body which improves the performance of the vagina and makes Labia smooth and soft. The technique used in the orgasmic shot is PRP. The therapy is usually utilized when the drugs and medicines fail to treat the problem. Then orgasmic shot use anti-swelling and antiseptic property of platelets to improve the particular vagina. After being treated the women’s sexual life becomes better.

Why does a Women Get an Orgasmic Shot?

If a woman is facing difficulty having sex or she is experiencing dryness and losing libidos, then she goes for treatment. It is also reported that the woman who wants to elevate and enhance the orgasm opt for the treatment and these women clarify that they had the best results as the intensity of the orgasm ameliorate due to vaginal rejuvenation.

Outcomes of Orgasmic Shot:

People who go for the treatment get benefited from the outcomes for almost twelve and eighteen months. The shots escalate collagen production due to the insertion of platelets into the tissues of the uterus. The results of the procedure rely on the expertise of the doctor and how well the doctor carries out the process. The consequences of the treatment are as follows:


The benefits of the Orgasmic Shot Treatment in Abu Dhabi are as follows

  • Increase seual arousal
  • Refresh the vagina
  • Intense orgasm
  • Lubing of the vagina boosts
  • Frequent orgasms
  • Able to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Lessen the pain during sex
  • Enhancement in Urinary excessiveness 

Ideal Candidate:

  • Perfect candidates for the O shot are the women who are in their 40s and older. 
  • Women who are experiencing pain and less satisfying sex. 
  • Also, women who want to have an intense orgasm.
  • Having stress due to unhappy married life
  • Want to tighten their Libia
  • Facing pain during sex
  • Difficulty in having a vaginal orgasm

These women after getting these shots then have a better vaginal condition.


Before going to have an orgasmic shot you will first consult a doctor who will examine your pubic area and will understand the problem physically. For this, you should gently shave, wash and clean your genital area for better examination. It is advised for the patients to drink as much water as they can drink just before the treatment. No fats in the diet should be consumed half day prior to the treatment.

How does the Process Take Place:

The process includes the utilization of the PRP. After having different tests a doctor will go for the treatment. To start the process firstly, the doctor will ask you to remove your pant or trouser then a numbing cream will be applied to the vaginal area to make it numb, and the blood of the patient is taken out from the arm to undergo the next step. The sample which is drawn out of the patient is now entered into a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma containing the growth factors. After the centrifugation process, the plasma with rich factors is taken as the final one and then inserted back into the patient’s clitoris and area around the vagina after injecting local anesthesia.

After Care:

The O shot treatment is really a short procedure and no downtime is required for it. You can start working the same day on which you are getting treated. Feeling insensible after the treatment is normal and it will remain as it is for 2 or more hours. Applying for medicines or taking antibiotics after the therapy without the doctor’s concern is totally forbidden. Avoid sexual activity for almost 3-4 days for avoiding any problems or pain. 

Recovery Time:

The time required for full recovery is negligible and in most cases, the patient’s reported no downtime too. Use prescriptions written by the doctor to improve the recovery rate.


Side effects related to the Orgasmic Shot Treatment In Abu Dhabi are almost none as the blood used for the treatment was taken from the body of the patient so it’s totally safe and secure.

  • Numbness
  • Insensitivity for a short time 

Cost of the Procedure:

The cost of the treatment variates from AED 2999 TO AED 3999. The cost factor is not fixed for everyone instead it varies from person to person. The factors that decide about the treatment charges are the site of the hospital, expertise, and qualification of the doctor, sessions for orgasmic shots, level of the hospital, and the level of satisfaction of their previous patients. At last, the final cost decision will be done by the consulted doctor which will charge according to your condition.

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