Rights and Responsibilities:

All the patient’s rights are fulfilled by the clinic. These privileges and rights are all mentioned and explained in the consent form provided by the clinic before the patient undergoes any procedure. It is the responsibility of the clinic to provide a list of possible treatments to the patient. The specific treatment(s) are chosen according to the patient’s choice and expected results.

Diagnosis of Medical Condition:

To makes sure that the patient is eligible for the specific treatment, the doctor or surgeon carries out blood tests and also takes a detailed physical examination. The medical history is also reviewed which gives them an idea about the health of the patient and any condition that may affect the results of the treatment or cause complications.

Medical Photographs:

Medical images are taken for the record of the patient. We understand that using them for other purposes without the person’s approval is not ethical and illegal. In the case of uploading those images on the website, the patient’s approval is first taken.

Medical Records:

These contain all the medical details of the patient. The tests carried out, findings, medical history of the patient, medical images, medications, and the progress of the patient. These are helpful for the doctor as well as the candidate. These stay confidential and are not shared with a third party.

Consent Form:

Before starting the treatment, the patients are made to sign a consent form. This is a detailed document in which they are made aware of the possible complications and risks. This is a written express consent of the patient after which they cannot sue the clinic for any loss or damage.  


A person to be able to make decisions legally needs to be over 18. Thus to get the treatments from the clinic, the patient should be 18 plus. If not, they are to have permission from their guardians for the procedure.


In the event of an emergency, the clinic can be immediately contacted. The patients can call the office or visit directly, they are attended to straight away. The doctors and surgeons at the clinic are always ready to give the best treatments.

Right of privacy:

The patient’s details that are entrusted to the clinic are protected and kept private. The details are safe and not disclosed or shared with another party.

Patient Dignity:

All the patients and clients are dealt with with respect and our staff makes sure that the patients feel comfortable. Any type of unnecessary restrictions is not placed on the patients and their family. In the case of post-op care, detailed instructions are given to be followed to achieve desired results and to avoid complications.

It is the decision of the patient whether to get the treatment or not. They are however guided by the experts but the final decision to continue with the therapy is taken by the patient.  


To get any other information about the Enfield Royal Clinic and the treatments offered we can be contacted on the number or email provided on the website. You can also get a free initial consultation with our experts by filling up the form given below.